I gave my time, my life

To listen to your strife

To help you through your pain

I bore it like an acid rain.

All to help you overcome the hurt

And help you see your worth.

I endured much sorrow and grief

Seeking to give you relief

From your agonizing loss

And I got double crossed.

Accused of things id never done

Lied about by everyone.

Including you.

The lies I could have borne

Though they my heart have torn.

Those were truly not the thing

That was able to my knees me to bring

I have been lied about before

I am sure I will be even more

In this life lies abound

They don't bring me to the ground.

They serve to make me stronger inside

Because I know where the truth does lie.

No the thing that brought me low

Was being used you know

By you.

That betrayal struck so deep

To this day I still weep.

You led me to believe

You were in need of me.

But the reality was in truth

I was someone to use.

I apologized for things that I

Had not done but were lies

Believed by you and others too

I know they are not true.

Yet I humbled myself and asked

That was no easy task,

Done for you.

Yet here I sit each day

Wishing I would hear you say

It was all a big mistake

You did not mean to take

My heart and soul

And crush them so cruel!

To hear you give to me

Those words of apology,

That so hard for me to say

I said to you anyway.

I do not know if you even think

How close you pushed me to the brink

Because of you.

I want just to hear you say

Two words if only someday,

I'm sorry. Simple yet so hard

Like a cutting grinding shard.

But I will wait patiently to see

If you will ever say them to me.

And while I wait for you

Know the lies were never true

I forgive you in every way

Even before I hear you say

Those words I long to hear

Will bring to my heart such cheer

Only from you.