Mental energies are the strength,

Of those who live by water's code,

Depending on fast agility,

To defeat their enemies in life.

While fire wins through strength and destruction,

Water fights with cunning and speed,

Agile as a cat, gentle as a lamb,

But unforgiving as God's judgement.

Water likewise nourishes and destroys,

Agile as the river, unforgiving as the ocean,

It can freeze as a mighty iceberg,

Or heat like raging boiling water.

Fluid like liquid or hard like ice,

Water nourishes the malnourished,

And it seeks out to destroy the wicked,

That would disrupt the Balance of Life.

Water quenches the pain of fire,

But has its own demands on the soul.

Remember, be dove-like but punishing,

If you will live life by the power of Water.