Maid for Mornings

The sun began to slowly come over a large castle as a woman slept in her bed, the blinds were closed and it seemed whoever this woman was, she was content with simply sleeping without anyone to wake her up as she lied on her she lied under the silk covers. It seemed she was in perfect bliss as she slept soundly.


The blonde woman suddenly sat up in a scream as somebody jumped into the bed and almost landed on top of her, the woman sitting up and panting as she turned to see the woman who just nearly gave her a heart attack. The perpetrator was wearing a red maid's uniform and had a cat's smirk to match her ears and tail.

"T-Trixie!" shouted the woman in a scolding matter, "What is wrong with you?! I thought I told you to stop doing that!"

The Maid, Trixie, snickered mischievously, "Sorry, Marin." she was clearly not very sorry as she crawled out of the bed, "But it's almost 10 and you've got a meeting with the other Lords. We gotta get you all groomed and fed before we take you anywhere."

Marin sighed as she started to climb out of bed, brushing some of her hair out of her face, "Right, of course..." mumbled the woman, "Very well, I'll go and shower. I hope by the time I get out, my breakfast will be ready."

"I'll be sure, Marin!" Trixie winked as she moved over to the dresser and handed her a towel, a set of clothes waiting and folded, "I got your clothes all folded up and ready for you and the hot water is working."

Marin gave a nod as she took the towel, "Thank you, Trixie." Trixie grinned as the cat-woman started to leave her, the door shut behind her. Marin gave a sigh, "I'm starting to regret hiring her..." she mumbled as she started to head to her personal shower, closing the door behind her as she started to strip herself out of her nightgown, her soft brown eyes looking in the mirror.

-This may be surprising to you, but this was a normal wake-up in my house. I don't usually just get to lie around lazily or not have to worry about something like an appointment.

Marin didn't care for looking at herself in the mirror, "Ugh, I look like a mess..." she mumbled as she turned on the water and stepped into the water, sighing heavily at how the hot water hit her body and felt so amazing.

-My name is Marin Katsuyori. I'm 18, which means now I have officially taken over my parent's title as Lord, Lord of Thoarden...or Lady, I suppose.

When she was out of her dazed state and she had properly washed herself, Marin shut the water off. She reached out and grabbed her towel, beginning to dry her hair before beginning to dry the rest of herself off.

-It's been months since I've inherited the title and this is the first Meeting of Lords that I'd be attending. So this is pretty important.

Once she was dry, she left the shower and walked back into her room, going over to where her clothes were lying. She moved to start dressing herself, but then she heard something, although it was faint, it made he move, turning around. She now wished she didn't as a person in dark blue clothing was standing right in front of her, sword over his head as he got ready to swing it down.

With a scream, Marin duck and rolled to the side as the Ninja's katana cut through her clothes and deeply into the dresser, but that was Marin's last concern as the assailant ran at her, sword swinging at her as the Lord as she creamed at the top of her lungs.

Then the Ninja stopped, jumping away from Marin as bullets suddenly rained through the wall, barely missing Marin and the Ninja as someone stepped through the ruined doorway.

"Are you okay, Marin?!" It was Trixie, a machine gun in her hands as she stomped into the room and leered at the ninja that nearly killed Marin, "Sorry for making you wait."

-This is part of a normal wake-up too.

The assassin rushed at Trixie, jumping into the air as he swung his sword down at the maid, who raised her machine gun to shoot at the assailant. But he was incredibly quick, able to swing his sword and block the bullets that would have killed him for sure. Trixie lifted her machine gun higher and swung it like it was some kind of bat, knocking the ninja to the wall of Marin's room as the ninja slumped down onto the bed.

"Burn in hellfire!" Trixie shouted as she pointed her machine gun at the Ninja and started to rain bullets at him. With all the lead that was filling the assailant, it was clear that she he was as good as dead as blood spilled onto the sheets.

"Those were my favorite sheets..." mumbled Marin.

"Oops, sorry." shrugged Trixie as she put down her gun and offered Marine her hand to help her up, which was happily accepted as Trixie pulled her up, "But are you okay?"

"Just scarred for life as usual, but okay." Marin told her, "But now the question is who sent that ninja after me..."

"Marin, who DOESN'T send ninjas after you?"

"I suppose you're right...this is the 10th time this month last I checked." Marin admitted, "But by any means, the meeting is today, so I'll try to talk to the council about it and see what they have to say about this..."

Trixie nodded, "Cool, then get dressed and we'll go."

"Alright, I'll-we?!"

"Marin, you can't really expect me to not go with you." The Maid said as she turned around, Marin taking her towel off and starting to dress herself.

"I can't just go to the meeting with my Maid!" shouted Marin, "What are the other lords going to think?!"

"That...I'm your bodyguard and I'm here to protect you?" Trixie asked bluntly, moving around her machine gun, "I'd doubt it is unheard of for a Lord to bring some people to protect them."

"But a Maid?" asked Marin, "You're suppose to be making my bed and making me breakfast."

"A Maid with a gun! And are you overlooking the fact I just killed a Ninja in cold blood?!"

Marin gave a heavy sigh as she smoothed out the creases of her kimono, "You're not going to just stay here, aren't you?"

"Afraid not." Trixie said.

Marin sighed, "Well...if you're going to insist on this, then just make breakfast to go and we'll hurry to the meeting with you as my bodyguard."

"...Oh shit, breakfast!" Trixie dropped her gun as she ran at her top speed out of the room and to the kitchen.

-Why is this my mornings?