Clover/Club: "Everyone needs a little luck, now and again, don't you think?"

Diamond: "Though flashy is wonderful, it really depends on how you act with your flashiness, and that will determine who you are."

Heart: "The way you show your kindness often reflects deeply on how you are perceived by those around you."

Spade: "Perseverance and hard work will never fail you in the end."

Who will you chose?

Hey all~! Welcome to ACE! For those of you that have been here before, welcome back, of course, but to all of you newcomers entering the story AFTER I began the re-write, I hope you feel welcome here!

You're about to take the leap into the world of Imishima Yukari, a 19 year old college student attending the enormous, elite K University! At this crazy academy, they've got one weird way of ranking the students: Everyone admitted is scaled by the face cards of a card deck! If you are special enough or you seem to have something others don't, you are placed into one of four categories: Kings, Queens, Jacks, or Aces, and each of the groups have a title they can never live down.

Though this is a collection of four separate stories in one, and all the stories are set in Alternate Universes (meaning, what was canon in ONE story is probably not canon in another), the basic premise stays the same.

Originally, I had a bit of a contest for my main lead character, and a faithful anon reviewer going under the name of Animate84 won, so Yukari-chan became my child, of sorts. Of course, those of you reading for the first time won't know this, but I put Yukari through so many crazy antics in the first draft, most of which I hope to bring back in the re-write. So, that's enough of my ramblings, I should explain the stories, now.

Story 01: Luck is in the Clover Patch – Yukari, after being admitted to K University as the Jack of Spades (or the Jack of Mechanics), breaks one huge, unspoken rule of being a Jack, and that is 'never do ANYTHING to reveal your ranking.' She ends up being chased by a large, rowdy group of men, and though her big mouth gets her into even more trouble than she is already in, a mysterious stranger comes to her aid. Her quiet college life is upended when it is revealed that her savior, a male by the name of Hashimoto Toshi, is actually the Ace of Clubs! What's more, he says he wants to go out with her?! Why?!

Story 02: The Diamond IS the Rough – Having an Ace in your class is hardly any fun, especially when the Ace is flashy, arrogant Mizushima Daisuke! Yukari is only seeking peace from the daily screaming girls when she dares going onto the roof of an older school building… and Daisuke is there! Entertained by her resistance to his charming features, he asks her to be his 'special' diamond… and instead of accepting the offer like he thought she would, she slaps him! Yukari is no plaything, but will Daisuke's intense interest in her change her mind about getting to know him?

Story 03: The Loveless Heart – Going into his third year, Inoue Haru is tired of being the cheerful, happy Ace of Hearts. Everyone seems to think he's the one to go to for advice on love, but the truth is, Haru hasn't even had his first kiss! He just isn't interested in finding romance, he'd much rather read about it in books, where he knows it'll have a happy ending. While checking out some romance books from the local library, he and a girl attempt to reach for the same book... and that girl is none other than Yukari. This unlikely pair may bond over books on the one subject they both know so little about, but can they complete one another's loveless hearts? (Where the other stories pose Yukari as the main character and are told from her point of view, this one switches between Haru's point of view and Yukari's.)

Story 04: Persistence is Key – In order to stop a marriage between two unhappy people, Yukari is pitched into the middle of a rigid relationship—posing as Takahara Soichirou's girlfriend! The Ace of Spades and a perfect role model for the school, Soichirou is hell-bent on refusing just one thing his parents have decided for him, and that one thing is marriage. They can take away his creativity and his personal style, but he will not be wed to someone he doesn't know or, in this case, hates. To prevent this atrocity from happening, our perfect prince steps out of his boundaries for once and asks Yukari to stage as his girlfriend! But in the middle of the fake dates and pretend kisses, will Soichirou get Yukari to fall in love with him for real?

So, as many of you who have previously read this work will see, I've changed the story titles… a lot. Since I've worked hard on the plots, I felt as though they deserved titles more worthy than what I had before.

Anyway, I wish to see each and every one of you back for Chapter 1 of "Luck is in the Clover Patch" and, even more so, for the whole story! Thanks for reading my intro, hope to see you soon~!