Chapter 50- "You know you're special, don't you?"

It was a completely spur of the moment decision on Ray's part to detour from his path to his room and, instead, stop in on the guest floor and visit the room he'd visited just before the Kingdom of Storms had arrived. It was insane to think that a full day had passed since then.

He had absolutely no expectations when he knocked on the door.

It opened up a few moments later, revealing Cindy, looking upon him with wide eyes. She was beautiful.

"Hi, Cindy," he said.

"Ray," she recalled.

"Can I come in?" he asked.

She nodded and opened up the door for him all the way. He entered and looked around, expecting someone else to be there, but she was apparently all alone.

"Do you need something?" she inquired.

"Not really," Ray replied, stopping in the middle of the room as he looked back at her. "I just…I want to be up front with you. By now, you know all about Chaste Beauties, right? And what you're supposed to do with your visions, right?"

"Yes," she answered. "I'm still…not sure if I completely buy into it…"

"You know you're special, don't you?"

She took a little longer to respond to that comment. "You mean that it took me longer to wake up than the average girl?" she inferred.


"That's what they told me."

"It's really rare for that to happen," Ray said flatly. "They say that sons of girls like you go on to have special abilities… heightened instincts, a sense for what happens before it happens… things like that."

"You're a son like that?"

Ray nodded. "And my dad is too," he said. "My abilities are stronger than his, and everyone wants to know if the next generation would have even stronger abilities."

Cindy slowly sat down on the edge of the bed. "The next generation," she repeated. "Your son… that you would have…with me."

"Right. That's what everyone wants because it's never happened before. It's like an experiment."

"That doesn't sound awesome."

"I know," Ray agreed.

"So people are waiting to see if you and I…" she began clumsily.

"Yeah. It's…kind of… pressure, you know? Unfair pressure for you and me. They asked me to meet you, and I kept wondering if it would be better to tell you about this or not, because I don't want you to feel that pressure. But I think it would be rude to keep it a secret, so I'm telling you everything."

"Thank you," she said, though she still looked confused.

"If I'm honest, I felt a little bit like avoiding you because of that pressure. For some reason… it feels weird because everyone's waiting to see what we'll do. But, at the same time, you seem nice. I mean, I don't know you at all, really. And I know this is weird… and the way I'm doing this is weird too… but if you want to get to know me better, then I'd want to get to know you better too. Just…incidentally. Not as a Chaste Beauty and the son of a Chaste Beauty doing an experiment to see what happens. Just as two people getting to know each other. Do you know what I mean?"

She smiled privately to herself. "I know what you mean."

"You don't have to answer right now. You don't have to answer at all. I'm awkward and I know that. I just wanted to put it out there."

"You're not awkward," Cindy said, waving her hand. "I'm glad you're being honest with me, and I'm sorry you've been under all this pressure when I haven't known a thing."

Ray approached the bed and leaned on the post, looking down at her. "Thanks," he said. "I'm not asking for anything elaborate. Let's just be friends, okay?"

"Friends?" she questioned skeptically as she stood up. "What? No."

Ray raised his eyebrows at her response since it had taken a sudden turn. But, then things took an even more sudden turn when she got close to him and put her hands on his shoulders, pulling him away from the bed post and making him slouch a little bit so they could make severe eye contact.

At first, he didn't know what to do. This felt very—amazing, but strange.

"You wrestled a monster off of me and saved my life," she reminded him. "I've been wanting to jump you ever since then, but I've never had the chance."

"…Jump me?"

Her hands tightly gripped his collar as she pulled him down a little bit. "I could not be happier about this arrangement," she said.

He only stared at her speechlessly for a few seconds before his brain finally caught up with what he was looking at. Cindy didn't care that he was the son and the grandson of special Chaste Beauties, or even that she was a special Chaste Beauty, or that people wanted them to have an experimental baby together. The only thing she cared about was that he had saved her life and she liked the idea of being friends—being more than friends.

He really didn't know her at all, but it was easy to like the idea too.

End Book 1

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