A twist on the classic belief that if you do not bend, you'll break! Based off an Indian saying that a tree will break in the storm, but the grass that bends will live through it.

The Grass and The Oak

In a large clearing of a thick forest stood a strong oak; with a trunk like a tower, it rose a hundred feet in the air, the branches lost in the clouds. Thick, dark bark covered its huge frame, hardened with decades of aging and a dark canopy spread across the maze of branches; a net which in a light breeze allowed just enough sunlight to filter through to fall on the ground, like patches of spilled gold.

All around the tree grew a clump of lush green grass, which in the monsoon covered the forest floor in a carpet of green, and lay dormant through the seasons until the rains breathed life into it again.

One day on a summer evening, the Grass looked across the horizon.

"There is a storm coming," it said, "A huge one."

The Oak looked at the rapidly amassing dark clouds and nodded its great head.

"Yes it is," it agreed.

"The storm is huge, even for you, "the Grass said , "It could rip off your branches, pull down your roots."

"We shall only know when it hits," the Oka replied, "What good is talking about it?"

"But aren't' you afraid?" the Grass asked.

"Why should I be?"

"Because there is nothing you can do. You are too proud and you will not bend. You will fight the storm even if it means being torn apart. I on the other hand, have nothing to be afraid of. I can bend. Even if the storm drowns me, I will survive and rise back up again. "

"I see…" the Oak nodded, a few leaves drifted down to fall on the Grass, "But tell me," it said," How many times do you get stamped upon? How many animals graze on your blades? How many men trample you beneath their feet?"

The Grass lifted its tiny head to look at the looming tree above.

"Because you bend, you break every day. People walk on you; you get crushed beneath hooves and eaten by cattle, because you do not fight. And you endure all this silence, just to stay alive; even if it means passing each day in pain. You have nothing to be afraid of, because you are already afraid of everything. But I….am free! Nobody eats my leaves, no feet trample me. I live every day to my best, knowing that I am my own master. And if one day I were to meet someone stronger, a storm were to uproot me, I will go, knowing that I have met my match."

The Grass bowed its head, having nothing more to say. The storm would come; and maybe the Oak would live, maybe not. But the Grass was afraid it may not have lived at all.

A/N: So what do you think, you'd rather bend or break? It's a story that I came up with randomly, let me know how you felt! Reviews re what I live for!