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"This is so stupid! Why do I need to go?!" I screamed at my father. He looked at me, his eyes heavy and cold.

"You need to go Katherine because you're my daughter…it is your responsibility as the daughter of a Community member." My father stood his ground waiting for a smart ass comment. I stared at him "Is that all you care about? The Community? They've done nothing except take away everything that I loved. Mom is gone because of those stupid laws!"

Tears welled up in my eyes as I stared at the floor. The wooden floor felt cool on my feet; it almost calmed me down…almost. My father ran his hand through his hair, even though he was only 45 years old, his hair was peppered with gray. Stress and age had finally caught up to him. After the death of my mother he was no longer the warm, youthful man who adored spending time with his family. He aged beyond his years, his once warm blue eyes became cold and metallic. My father was no longer the man I loved. He became a Community robot. He forced me to receive the chip that my mother fought so hard against. I would not be shocked to learn that he contributed to her death.

The tension sat heavily in the air between us "Just get dressed. If you aren't ready in ten minutes you are going to regret disrespecting me." He turned around sharply and walked away stiffly. The footsteps thudded down the hall leaving me alone. Slowly I turned around and shuffled into my room. My room is my only sanctuary it is the only place that my father refuses to enter. He always says something about it being too messy. I like to think that it's too free. Kicking a pile of clothes away from my closet door I opened it searching for the Community uniform. Finally I found it, the white shirt was crisp and starchy. The grey skirt reached just above my knees and it looked boxy and boring. It was the perfect representation of the Community.

After I was fully dressed I looked into the mirror. Everything about me seemed unremarkable. My black hair was short and messy; its curls were the kind that could never be tamed. Frizz was my constant companion even. Taking the comb that sat on the table I pulled it through wincing as the teeth broke the knots. After wrapping my hair into a messy but suitable bun I began to pull on my shoes. They were the heavy standard black loafers all community members wore. When I was fully dressed I thudded out of my room into the living room.

Even though it was called the living room it was anything but. Dark grey and white were the colors that surrounded you. The couch looked unused and extremely clean and cared for. After my mother died there was no need to have any familial interaction and that left this room hollow.

"I'm ready father," I said quietly with my arms crossed. I just want this dumb meeting to be over with and that means that it is going to be excruciatingly painful.

"Alright then…let's go."

The warm sun hit my face as I walked outside it was too beautiful of a day to be going to a foolish propaganda meeting. My father walked next to me in silence as we made our way over to the Community Hall. The Community Hall is a dark and dreary building. It's façade looked painfully stiff and irritating. Whenever I see it all it think about is how ugly and square the building was. Long white columns held up the black roof; the contrast was ominous in comparison to the beautiful blue sky. As we moved closer to the building made myself smile stiffly at the other community members that walked by. With every smile I merely thought that each and every single individual were just puppets to be used by the Community.

As we moved closer to the Hall my wrist, where the chip was injected, began to itch and even burn. Nervously I held onto my wrist; this has happened before and often times it results in moments of extreme agony.

"Oh god, not now..." I whispered under my breath. My father looked at me, his face placid and deadpan, "What's wrong?"

"Um nothing...just forget about it."

I gripped my wrist praying that it wouldn't get any worse than a minor irritation. We finally had made it into the hall and my father and I began to look for a place to sit. Finally we found the spot my father preferred the most. I sat down and waited for the propaganda fest to begin.

"You must stay seated here while I'm on stage...DO NOT SMEAR OR EMBARRASS OUR FAMILY NAME!" he whispered harshly. I looked away from his glare "You just spat a little...make sure you don't do that on stage father." He walked away but not without glaring in my direction.

"Good morning my friends!" the voice boomed overhead "We will be beginning the meeting in one minute."

As I waited patiently for everything to end the burning sensation came back except it was even worse. This time the pain creeped up my arm, it felt as if my entire arm was just being dipped into extremely hot water. Kneeling over I held onto my arm praying that the pain would go away but that just made it worse. Not able to take it anymore I jumped out of my seat. Rushing to the door two men stopped.

"Where are you going? The meeting is starting soon," one said harshly as he held onto my arm. His blues eyes looked glassy and empty, just terrifying.


"You what?" the other sneered.

"Bathroom...I need to use the bathroom." I stammered.

"You could wait can't you?"

"Just let me go!" I growled.

The one who held my arm pulled me close to him. I stared at him, scared of what he would next. Then he just smirked at me and let go of my arm.

"You better come back princess...I'll be waiting," he whispered mockingly.

Wide eyed and scared I ran out of the meeting room into the hallway.

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