Hello, Jesus. I'm sorry. This is the first time I'm doing this kind of thing so I feel kinda awkward...

I have a friend whom I love so much. She is a Muslim. I've been her friend for 7 years. All these years I've always prayed that You would grant me courage to share the Gospel with her. It didn't go well. Although I finally shared the Gospel, she didn't react in the way I hoped. I knew I shouldn't expect much, but all these 7 years spent in vain.

My question is:
1. Suppose we both die and we meet You, would You hate me because I'm unsuccessful in evangelizing her?
2. Some Calvinist friends told me that if she doesn't believe in You, it means she has been predestined/preordained to be condemned eternally in Hell. Is this true, Jesus? Did you predestined her to be a Muslim and to send her to hell?
3. This is more like a request (and rant) than a question. Jesus, I know very well that You love her much more than I do. In Your eyes, she's a very precious girl, a princess, a beloved daughter of Yours. Am I right? So why haven't you do anything to draw her to You? I feel like I want to give up and just let You do all the work. Look... A lot of Muslims in Arab, Palestine, and other Middle Eastern countries claim to have seen You either in their dream or in vision, and they all become a Christian not long after that. Why can't the same thing happen to my friend? You love her as much as You love the Arabs and Palestinians, don't You?

Thank you and forgive me if I sound rude and disrespectful. -PyroMystic

"I very much enjoy that you have decided to speak with Me! There's no need to feel awkward.

First of all, I understand how difficult it is to try and enlighten someone of another religion. Often times, I find that they are afraid to know the truth because they've been told by others above them not to believe it. They don't want to be punished for knowing the truth and sharing it. Otherwise, they don't wish to hear. I'm happy that you've managed to be a friend to this girl for such a long time, despite your cultural differences. I know she hasn't accepted Me now, but if you continue to be a kind friend, you can show Me to her indirectly through the things you say and do, and she may eventually be willing to give it a try. Don't think that you've wasted years.

The answer to your first question is no. Like I said, telling someone about Me can be extremely difficult. They have the choice to listen or to turn away. Even if they turn away, I don't hate them. They receive chances until the very end of their life. Once they're gone, they sleep until I come back (John 11:11-15). What I really love is that you even tried to share Me with someone. Everyone has failures, but from them they learn how to improve. Although having her accept Me would be ideal, the fact that you did something is amazing! Thank you for that!

Matthew 10:27-31: 'Whatever I tell you in our evening get-togethers, feel free to preach during the day. What I tell you privately may be told publicly. There's nothing secret about my mission. Don't fear that you might be killed. They may kill your body, but they cannot take away your eternal life. God is the only One who has power over eternal life and death. Remember that God never loses sight of you. Look at the sparrows and see how little they're valued, and yet not one of them dies without God noticing it. In fact, God even knows the number of hairs you have on your head. So don't be afraid; you're worth more than a sky full of sparrows.'

Another text you can read is Matthew 10:34-39.

The answer to your second question is also no. I don't create someone just to throw them away. That makes no sense. It would be like an artist creating his/her best work just to burn it after it's finished. No one is preordained to burn. In an earlier chapter, I mentioned that Earth is Hell. When I return and the Final Judgment takes place, the wicked will disappear from existence, including Satan. Threatening that someone will burn in hell is a lie.

You are right that I lover her very much, as I lover all people. I have so much love to offer, you wouldn't possibly be able to comprehend it. Not even a little. There is a story of someone asking Me how much I love them, and then I stretch out my arms and die on the cross. I love you even more than that. There's so much that I love each individual equally at the same time. It's hard to explain in a way that you can understand...

You may not have witnessed it, or you have without knowing it, but I give her chances to meet Me every day, as I do with everyone else. Remember though, I have also given everyone freedom of choice. My enemy, Satan, works hard to lead people away from Me, and even though I allow it, it's because you have to go through hell to let Me grow within you. If you weren't concerned about your friend, I wouldn't be talking to you right now, since you wouldn't feel a real need to. I give you what you can handle. Not everyone can withstand seeing Me in dreams and visions. It takes time. Elly knows a few things about this."

"Yeah actually! A lot of the time I feel like He hasn't done anything to make me really want to be somebody for Him. I went on a mission trip and got jealous because everyone else was getting their lives changed and I felt nothing. But then I figured out that mission trips aren't where I'm strong. This story you're reading right now, it's the product of the Holy Spirit speaking through me, and that's where I'm strong - in translating divinity to English. (I should really learn some other languages.) I think you and your friend are strong somewhere for Christ, but you just haven't run into it yet."

"Thank you, Elly."


"PyroMystic, I would like for you to continue being a friend, and be kind but don't stress My Word upon her if she doesn't wish to hear it. Pray for her and her situation, so that she can be open to Me when the time comes. Have patience. Have faith. Have hope. Thank you for asking honestly. It means a lot."