Night time came. Darren was watching 'The Lion King,' before bed while he ate a snack. He knelt on top of the coffee table and ate bologna with American cheese rolled up.

After a while, the scene of the stampede came on the movie. This part always made Darren very sad. He always thought that he could withstand it, but he almost always got emotional.

Darren watched intently as Scar stuck his claws into his brother's paws and said, 'long live the king.' Then Scar flung him into the gorge. Darren looked away from the tv and blinked a few tears out.

Just then, Joe walked in.

"Daddy, do you think this movie is sad?" Darren asked, trying not to sound like he thought it was.

Joe gawked at the tv. "No," he said, unpleasantly. "I don't think it's sad. I'm a man. I don't get sad over dumb stuff like this. You need to be a man too!" he said, harshly.

Darren stared at his dad with wide eyes.

"Do you here me?" Joe said, with a frown.

Darren shook his head, fearfully, and tried not to look too much like a baby.

Joe left with a scowl, leaving Darren to the sad movie all by himself. But only a few minutes later, Elinor came in. "Come on, Darren. Bed time," she said.

"Um, Mommy? Do you think this show is sad?" Darren asked, as he pointed to the tv.

Elinor looked at it. Then she burst out into tears. "Yes!" she cried. She cried for about five minutes as she watched the scene when Simba was trying to get his dad to come home, but his dad was dead. Then when the scene was over, Elinor turned off the tv and picked up Darren. "Come on, Son. It's bed time," she said, through her sobs.

Elinor carried Darren into his bedroom. Then she tucked him in and read him thomas The Train.' Then she sang him a lullaby and kissed him good night. Then she left the room.

Darren was all alone now. The light of his aquarium lit up the room. He watched peacefully as the fish all swam around.

Then suddenly, one of the yellow tangs started chasing around a clown fish. The two fish swam around very fast and made loud swimming noise. Darren thought that it was very amusing. He began laughing as he watched the fish go at it.

Then suddenly, Darren heard stomping foot steps down the hall, coming to his room. He looked at the door nervously until it slammed open. Darren's dad was standing in the door way with his hair a mess and tooth paste on his mouth from just having been in the middle of brushing his teeth. "Be quiet!" Joe growled, at Darren.

Darren had his covers pulled up to his nose, with his scared little, blue eyes poking out. "Okay..." he peeped.

Joe turned and slammed the door behind himself. Darren heard him stomp back down the hall. Then he pulled his covers over his head to go to sleep.

The next day, Darren's identical twin brother, Donavan was coming back from spending the weekend with his uncle on a fishing trip.

Darren lay on the living room couch and played Mario Kart on his game-boy. Damian entered the room. He had just finished combing his hair.

"Damian, do you wanna play Mario Kart Championship?" Darren asked.

", Darren. I have to get ready to help the neighbors with their garden," Damian said.

"But we can do it real fast."

"No, Darren. I'm sorry," Damian said.

Darren's face fell.

"Donny's coming home today and you can play with him," Damian reminded Darren.

"Donny never likes to play nothing!"

"Well, I've promised the neighbors that I would help them in their garden. They said that they would love that. So I'm going to help."

Just then, Elinor stormed in. "Darren, put the game away! You have to go to the doctor for your vaccines today!" she panicked, fluster brained.

Darren turned off the game boy a little nervous himself, from his mother's behavior.

"Go get your shoes on!" Elinor said, with scared and panicked eyes. Then panting, she turned and left the room.

"And besides," Damian continued. "You need to get vaccinated today."

Darren got up from the couch and walked over to the shoe mat. He put on his sandals.

"Darren!" Darren heard Elinor calling him from the kitchen.

"What?" he called out.

"Oh!" Elinor said, breathlessly. "Go get dressed! You're not going in your pajamas!"

Darren looked down at his clothes and realized that he was still wearing his pajamas. He walked into his bedroom and put on his white op shirt, with blue sleeves, and his matching op swimming shorts. The shorts had surfers all over them. "I wanna go surfing today," Darren said.

Then he walked back out and got into his mom's car. A few minutes later, Elinor came rushing out. She got into the car and unsettledly set down her purse and started up the car. They drove away.

"Mommy?" Darren asked.

"What?!" Elinor said, still panicked.

"Can I go surfing today?"

"No, no, Darren! We have too much to do today!"

"But I'm wearing my swimming clothes."

Elinor looked at her son. "Oh, Darren! Why did you put on swimming clothes?! Now everyone will think I'm crazy for having my son wear swimming clothes!" Elinor freaked. Then she started to choke up and cry.

Darren watched curiously as his mother cried. "Why are you crying, Mommy?" he asked.

"Because!" Elinor blurted out. "Now I have no way of having you change your clothes! You're just going to have to wear them!" Tears fell from her face.

Darren looked down at his clothes and tried to see what was wrong with them. He couldn't understand why his mother would cry about the clothes that he chose to wear, but he decided to just think about something else as his mother cried the whole way to the doctor.

Elinor parked the car into the parking lot. She took Darren out and the two walked into the doctor.

"Mommy?" Darren asked.

"What!" Elinor said, still emotional from his clothes.

"Why do I have to get shots?"

"Because, Darren! I don't want you to die from diseases! If you don't get shots you die!" she explained, with a panicked voice.

"Oh," Darren said, and they walked in.

They sat in the waiting room for a while until Darren was called in.

"Oh!" Elinor gasped as she heard Darren's name. "That's you! That's you!" She grabbed her son by the arm and dragged him, quickly into the doctor's office. "Okay, okay!" she said, breathlessly, as she set him on the bed.

Soon the doctor came in. She came and set her papers down. She smiled when she saw the two in there. "Hi, there!" she said, kindly. "I'm Dr. Nabel," she told them, as she shook their hands.

When she shook Darren's hand she looked at his clothes. "Oh, I see someone's going swimming today," she said, with a wink. "Don't forget to wear sunscreen."

Elinor gasped. Then she began to get teary all over again. Once she started gasping, the Doctor looked over at her curiously. "Are you all right?" she asked, concerned for her.

Elinor didn't answer. She just covered her mouth and kept gasping.

"She's just sad because I'm wearing swimming clothes," Darren explained.

"Oh..." the doctor said, as she continued to look at Elinor with concern. "Okay...well, should we get started with the shots?" she asked.

Elinor shook her head frantically. "Yes, yes! Get them over with!"

The doctor got the shots ready. "Okay, Darren. Can you be a big boy and hold real still for me?" she asked, trying to brighten up the mood.

"Yeah..." Darren said, starting to get scared once he saw the shots coming.

"It's okay, Buddy. It'll be over soon," the doctor said, as she held his arm, ready to inject the shot into him.

Darren was wide eyed, but he tried to be as brave as he could. When he got stuck with the needle, he was breathing heavily and tried not to make a sound. Once all his shots were done, the doctor gave him a smile. "There, you see?! You're all done! What a big boy!" she said, praising him.

Darren still had wide eyes for being in pain, but he tried to smile back at the doctor.

"Do you want a sticker?" the doctor asked.

Darren shook his head 'yes.'

"Okay," the doctor said, as she got out a box of stickers. "Here you go."

Darren looked into the box. He pulled out a sticker that had a fish on it. His face lit up with a smile. "It's a fish!" he said, smiling big.

"That's right. Do you want that one?" the doctor asked.

"Yeah," he said.

"Okay, it's all your's," the doctor said, as she set the box back.

"Thanks!" Darren said, with his bright blue eyes shining happily.

"You bet," the doctor said.

After a while, Darren and his mom were ready to leave. The next place they went was the grocery store. After a long while of shopping, they were headed back to their car. They walked along the side walk.

Elinor took out a bottle of soda so she could read the ingredients in it. Darren just tagged along humming to himself and skipping. "Mommy?" he finally said, as he just thought of something.

"What?" she said.

"I think...I just have to go surfing," Darren said.

"No," Elinor said.

"Um...but I know how to now. Because Erin taught me."

"No, Darren. Not today."

"Mommy, please take me surfing. I really, really want to. Please! I need to go cause the waves are gonna be so big," he wined.

"Darren, stop pestering me," Elinor wearily said. "I'm trying to read the ingredients in this soda. It's so... unnatural! I can't believe what kind of stuff they put in things these days," she complained.


"What, Darren?"

"Can I go surfing?" He tried to make it sound as if it was the first time he had asked that day.

"Darren! I said no! Can't you find something else to do with yourself besides surfing?!"

Suddenly Darren wasn't listening anymore. His mind was occupied with something else. He was looking upon a little girl who was seated on a bench with her dad. She was eating ice cream. The little girl had blonde hair and green eyes. She was a beauty.

"Darren, are you listening to me?" Elinor asked.

He wasn't listening, and it was obvious. He seemed to have forgotten all about surfing. Darren smiled at the little girl. Then he waved to her. "Hi, there. What's your na - " Before he could ask the girl her name, he tripped over a rock and tumbled down, skinning his knee.

"Oh! Darren!" his mother panicked. "Are you okay? You need to watch were you're walking!" She picked Darren up and walked off with him.

Darren continued to watch the little girl as he was carried away, until they were out of sight. "Mommy," Darren said, as she set him in the car. "Did you see that girl with yellow hair?"

"Yes, Darren. I saw her," Elinor said.

"She's pretty. I'm in love," Darren said.

"Oh, Darren! Stop, your not in love! You don't know what love is. You're only five years old!"

"But I am in love. I'm going to marry that girl when I get big."

"Oh, whatever, Darren," Elinor said, ignoring him all together now.

Once Darren and Elinor got home, Darren rushed to his room to get his game boy. "Damian! Damian!" Darren called across the house. Then he found Damian cleaning his room.

Damian looked up from his work. "What, Darren?" he asked.

"Let's play the game boy now," Darren said.

"No, Darren. I'm cleaning my room," Damian said. "Donny should be home in a while and you can play with him," he said.

"But why do you want to clean your room?" Darren asked, gettin upset.

"Because it's messy," Damian said.

"No it's not! You cleaned it yesterday!" Darren said.

"Well, it's gotten messy over the day."

"No it hasn't!"

Just then, they heard the front door open from down stairs. "I'm back!" they heard.

"Well, sounds like Donny's home. Play with him," Damian told Darren.

Darren looked eager as he ran down the stairs. Once Darren reached the living room, he saw Donny set his back pack down. He was about to go ask Donny if he wanted to play game boy, but before he even got a chance to say anything, Darren's dad ran up to Donny.

"Hey, Donny! How's my man?!" the dad said, as he went up and scooped up his son. Donny laughed playfully.

"I had a great time with Uncle Steven! He taught me how to cast a line! And how to build a fire, and how to cook a fish over the flames!" Donny said, with delight.

"I'm glad you had such a good time," Joe said, as he set his son down.

Darren watched as his brother and dad exchanged affections between each other. He couldn't help but to notice that he never got that affection from his dad. It almost seemed, even to his child's mind, like his dad cared more about Donny.

"Hey, Son," Joe said to Donny. "Let's go out for ice cream," he said.

"Yeah!" Donny said, with excitement.

Then Darren watched as the two walked out the door and close it behind them. He couldn't help but to feel very sad and left out. Why didn't his dad treat him the way he treated Donny? "I look just like Donny. I'm just the same as him," Darren thought. "Why does he think I'm different?"

But trying to cheer up himself, he pulled out his game boy, laid on the couch and began to play Mario Kart by himself.

Once Donny and Joe came home from a night out to ice cream and the video arcade, Donny ran into his room to get dressed for bed. Darren followed him into his room. "Hi, Donny," Darren said.

"Hi, Darren," Donny said, as he pulled out his pajamas.

"Do you wanna play the game boy with me?" Darren asked.

"Nah," Donny said. "No feel like it. Play with Damian."

"But Damian's practicing violin lessons!" Darren wined.

"Well...I still don't wanna play."

"Awwwww!" Darren complained.

"Hey, Darren! Guess what? Me and Uncle Steven had a great time! We went fishing and camping, and I got to ride on a jet ski, and a boat and I got to have cook outs and go hiking! It was great! You should have been there!" Donny said, excitedly.

"Well...Daddy said, 'no,'" Darren said, sadly.

"I know. He only wanted me to go, but if he did say 'yes' then you would have had a good time," Donny said. Without realizing it, he was just rubbing it all into Darren's face that he didn't get to go. "Maybe next time you'll be allowed to go. Why don't you ask Daddy?"

"Um...okay..." Darren said, and he began to walk out of the room. But just before he did, he turned back. "But he might say 'no.'"

"Ask anyway," Donny said.

Darren hesitated, but walked out anyway. He wandered quietly into the living room where his dad was laying on the couch relaxing.

"Um...Daddy?" Darren said.

Joe sat up. "What is it, Donny?" Joe asked, attentively, with a gentle smile on his face.

"Um...I'm not Donny...I'm Darren..." Darren said.

Joe's smile instantly fell into a frown. "What do you want?" he asked, un-pleasantly.

Darren's eyes grew with fear. He gulped and said very quietly, "Um...can I go fishing with Uncle Steve too?" he asked, with as much courage as he could muster.

"No," Joe said, with no hesitation.

Darren's heart sank. "Why...?" he asked, quietly.

"Because I don't want you to bother him," Joe said, as he tended back to his relaxing. He lay back down and closed his eyes.

Darren turned and walked out. He returned to Donny, who was in his room.

"He said, 'no,'" Darren said, with his head hung.

"Why?" Donny asked, casually.

"So I won't bother him," Darren said.

"Oh, okay," Donny said, without really caring.

Suddenly the boys heard their mom calling to them. "Boy's go to bed!" she said.

Darren walked out of Donny's room and into his own. He climbed under the covers and turned out his lights. Then he watched the fish in his tank as he fell asleep.