A/N: These are beliefs that I'm starting to hold myself, and I wanted to express them on this site. Feel free to disagree with this poem if you want; I know most mainstream Christians see this as heresy, but I believe it, but please DO NOT FLAME ME for this; I am not preaching here, even if it looks like I am, and I'm not trying to win converts here, either. Please treat this poem and I with respect, whether you agree with it or not.

In the heights of Heaven,
where the Almighty dwells,
there is a lost secret,
hidden by neglect
of God's manuscripts
on His true nature.

For the God of Heaven,
is of the Sacred Feminine,
a Mother of all life,
and wise Wife of God the Father.

Sophia lays claim,
to the wisdom of her Lord,
for the wisdom of Sophia
is always greater than man's.

Man and woman need Her
life-giving milk and comfort,
and they are always welcome
to feed from the beautiful breasts
of the Holy Mother of life.

Suckle at the breasts of Her,
please Her as you would please Him,
and the Goddess of Creation
will bring us undying love,
Mary, Mother of Jesus,
vessel of salvation.

Mary of Magdalene, too,
is a part of the female
Godhead that rules with
the male Godhead well-known;
bride of the Savior Christ,
She is seen as Jesus' equal,
as well as His most loved disciple,
and purest of the pure.

To listen to Mary the Daughter
is to listen to Her Brother,
the Son of God who shed his blood
to save us all from sin.
Her beauty surpasses Eve,
and she will fulfill all men's desires.

And even the Holy Ghost
carries a feminine side,
Shekinah, the dove Goddess,
for spirit in Hebrew
and Aramaic
is feminine, not masculine.

Shekinah loves God's prophets,
and gives God's people the will
to speak in tongues and proclaim
the Gospel of the Christ,
giving us a mighty gift,
and bringing hope beyond hope.

Thanks be to our Divine Creators,
And to their Children who were sent to the world -
May we share in their divine mission of love.