It started in the Garden of Eden,

When Eve first took of the fruit

Of the knowledge of good and evil,

and ate it with her husband, Adam.

Just as all men are now gods,

Likewise all women are goddesses,

Possessing the knowledge of how to

Tell right from wrong and to do them both.

Women have the beauty of the sun and moon,

And of the stars in the night sky,

And the men that are gods flock to them,

As a butterfly to a flower.

The radiance of a goddess's hair,

The supple curves of her smooth body,

The intense twinkle of her eyes,

And the way she beams her kind smile,

All attribute to how a woman

Earns her credit as a man's goddess.

But she also knows how to discern

Morals and ethics from vice and sin,

And she is capable of being wise,

Or of falling into corruption.

Many women follow a wrong and hateful path,

But many more choose wisdom and love,

And they, perhaps, are the greatest

Of the goddesses that steward the Earth.

Yet no lesser goddess can match

The wisdom, the beauty, or the morals,

Of that greatest Goddess of all,

The consort of Jehovah,

And the Mother of all Creation,

Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom.