Paul crouched before a closed store. It was Best Buy. They probably had heaps of stuff he could steal. Once he had whatever he could find, he could sell them and buy drugs in return. Tonight he wasn't going to the bar so he could do this. Paul fingered the bag in his hand. He was wearing black gloves and black clothes. He wore a mask and held a crowbar. This was not the first time he had stolen from stores.

Paul gently edged his way toward the door. He took a homerun swing and busted the glass door. Paul looked around for a few seconds, ensuring no one had heard. Then he crept in. Jack pot. He thought and wondered if his bag was big enough for all he had found. Paul quickly stuffed everything he could into his bag. Once his bag was full, he headed for the door. And he happened to fall into the fire alarm because of a toy on the floor!

Its blaring sound startled Paul so much he jumped a foot off the ground. He dropped his bag. Paul nearly had a heart attack. Then he bolted for the door. He ducked through the hole he had made and took off into the parking lot. Only one problem to his escape; the fire department was just a few buildings down. They were already there. Paul's eyes widened and he ran full speed in the opposite direction. A fireman took a quick picture of him…

Paul gasped as he ran. He was three blocks away from Best Buy. Not nearly far enough. Paul sprinted into a man who was walking home. The man gave him an odd look and then continued on his way. Paul's eyes widened and he went full out. A police car was just around the curb. Paul ducked into a side alley. Just at the end was a police officer with a flashlight. Paul looked frantically around for a safe escape route. There was none.

Paul crouched inside a trash bin. The police officer was almost upon him now. The man whom Paul had bumped into earlier ran up to the officer. "Sir, a man ran into me. He was suspicious and wore all black and a mask. He ran into this alley; he can't be far." The officer thanked the civilian and started his search. "I need more officers in this section. Over." The police officer said into his comm.

Paul knew instantly his chance of being undetected was slim. Policemen were searching behind garbage cans and in dark corners. One was even looking inside. Paul hopped out of his hiding place and climbed up some emergency stairs. The policemen didn't look up. Paul climbed to the top of the building and hid at the rails between him and a certain death.

A fire alarm sounded in the very same building he was hiding in. Paul began to move from his hiding place but a smell stopped him. Smoke. It was coming from the floor below. He quickly, never mind quietly, crept to the door. It was scorching hot. Paul knew the fire was just outside the door. His frantic eyes leapt to the emergency staircase. He ran to it. A few other people were using it, stories under him. This was an office building. It was tall, nearly as tall as The Twin Towers.

Paul climbed out onto the staircase. It rattled and steamed. The fire was just below him and weakening the stairs. He climbed down as fast as he could. Two stories down the staircase had snapped under the intense heat. Paul couldn't go down, not unless he jumped. The only option he had was to enter the burning building. He didn't take the time to think. He just jumped in a window…

Inside it was stifling hot. The smoke made his eyes water and his breathing hitch. Paul gasped and pushed toward the staircase. He had just reached it when an ominous creaking sound came from above. Paul looked up and his wide eyes saw wood and burning debris falling straight toward him.

All he could feel was burning heat and pain.…

When Paul next awoke it was to darkness and pain. His body felt as though he had been burnt at the stake; which wasn't far from what happened. He was crushed by a large object. Paul pushed up and was rewarded by a burn. It was metal and still hot. He gritted his teeth and did it again with much more force. It didn't budge. A small sliver of light appeared just at his feet.

Paul kicked at the light. Thud. His feet struck something hard. Slowly, slowly, he kicked a hole just big enough for him to wriggle out of. Once he had struggled out, he found himself in right in the middle of a collapsed building. People were picking at the wreckage, looking for survivors. Paul was standing in the shadow of a giant slab of medal. No one could see him.

Paul attempted to walk. No luck. He nearly fell because of his leg. A piece of wood was buried deep inside his skin. Blood streamed down him. It was a good thing he had worn his mask. Paul tore off the mask and black clothes. His regular clothes were just underneath. The people were closer, slowly making their way toward him. Paul forced himself to walk forward.

Dawn was approaching. He wouldn't be able to get cleaned up and arrive at the airport in time. No matter: he would just call up sick. But for now he needed to escape. Paul fell a few feet from where he started. No good, he would have to crawl. Paul crawled but not nearly fast enough. An old man spotted him.

"Look! I found someone! We'll need a stretcher by the looks of it." The people made their way down to him. Paul lay still and closed his eyes. No good now that I am caught. He thought. People were talking to him now. Asking his name and such. Paul would have answered, but the world was suddenly fuzzy. All Paul could tell was that he was being loaded in an ambulance. Then the world went black…

All was fairly normal for Alaina McKinley that day. Or, it was until she went to her post. The young man, Paul by name, was nowhere to be found. A manager came to her with a serious look to his face. "Miss McKinley, Paul Blackwell will not be showing up today. Currently he is in the hospital for serious wounds and burns. You will have to do all the work today." Alaina's eyes widened.

"Sir, what room number is he in? We are friends and I want to visit him as soon as work is done for the day." Alaina asked politely. "Dunno. Ask the receptionist at the hospital." Alaina thanked the manager and continued her work, her mind on Paul the entire day. The man-whom-never-smiled….

Alaina hurried up to Paul's room. "Paul!" She gasped. Paul was awake but one couldn't tell. He stared off into the distance and didn't move. He looked horrible and she couldn't imagine the amount of pain he was in. "Paul, what happened?" she finally asked. Paul looked up at her, "I was in a burning building on one of the top floors when it collapsed. I was buried." He said shortly.

Alaina gasped and her hand came to her mouth. "WHAT?! What on earth-?" All her questions seemed to be unable to make their way to her lips. A nurse entered, "Miss, Blackwell needs his sleep." The nurse escorted Alaina out of the little white room. "Umm. When will Paul be ready to come home?" She asked, making herself sound like his sister. "Tomorrow he will be ready." the nurse replied.

I know this took a while but here it is! This may not really be what happens in a hospital but this is what happened in the dream… My computer crashed for a few weeks and this chapter was REALLY tough. Sorry… REVIEW and bye!