A/N: I used some of the plot from Fruits Basket. Any part of this that seems similar to Fruits Basket does not belong to me.

"Keep fighting! You can do this, Anna!" I say to myself as I cheerfully pack my school bag. I pick up my photo album on the floor. I smile at it, which is titled "Anna and Grace's Adventures!" I place the photo album next to the picture of my deceased Aunt Grace. Time has passed so fast since she had died in the fire last week while trying to save a child. I had cried that night till I fell asleep, but regained my fighting spirit the next day. The only problem I had was where I was going to stay. Aunt Grace had been the only relative I had known, and no one else had attended the funeral.

"Ahhh, I can start renting a one-room apartment with your savings and my salary! Only a week left," I tell the picture. I gently close the door of the abandoned shed I had found a few days ago. I hope that the owner of this shed won't mind me staying for a week. I brush my light brown hair back with my fingers, before I start running. Running had always helped me relieve my stress, so it was essential for me to do it during a time like this. I rummage through my bag as I run, looking for my watch. Since I am a slight ditz, I forget to look where I run and- BAM!

"Ah!" I say in surprise. I look up to see a stunningly beautiful person. A girl? A boy? This person had flowing blond hair with cerulean eyes.

"AN ALIEN!" I cover my mouth when I realize I had said it out loud. I bow my head in apology before I feel a light tap on my shoulder.

"You dropped something, Miss." The person hands me the watch I was looking for. I put the watch on before actually checking the time. I only have 15 minutes to get to school!

"Thanks! Sorry! I need to get going!" I dash up the hill, sprinting with all I have. I slow down when I remember that I live nearby the school now. My old apartment had been 30 minutes away from my high school, so I was usually in a rush. I really am a ditz...

"Fufufufu, what was the rush for?" I see the beautiful person walking up to me. Although the person laughs, the expression on his face remains neutral. Wait. His? Oh yeah, I knew I had seen this beautiful person somewhere before. He was the new foreign transfer student that had been crowned "Prince" in the first few days of his arrival.

"I'm so sorry! I bumped into you, called you an alien and inconvenienced you by making you pick up my watch!" I bow at a 90 degree angle to him, in sincere apology. He pats my head before walking off. Wow, I can't believe I met the Prince. I follow him, and see my best friends waiting for me at the gate.

"Anna-chan! Where were you?" My red haired friend Harumi yells as she waves to me.

"Why were you with the prince? Did he bother you?" My other friend Kurami glares at him. I wave their concerns away, with a smile. My friends were naturally protective of me, and I loved them for their actions and the help they always offered me.

"It's fine Kurami, you don't need to curse him or anything," I say to her, as she offers me a voodoo doll in one hand and a blank talisman in the other. She pouts, but puts them away. Kurami has a hobby of creating curses, and they were usually very effective.

"Oh yeah Anna, are you alright at your uncle's house? It's a bit far from here, right? Is he treating you properly?" Harumi asks, with a glint in her eyes. I had told her and Kurami that I was staying at my uncle's house, which was just in the next town over.

"If he does anything bad to you, we'll curse him for you." Kurami states firmly. Harumi agrees, hitting the ground with a baseball bat for emphasis. Harmumi had used to be a delinquent, and although she acted like a student sometimes her past showed up.

"It's fine, it's fine." My uncle had offered me a place to stay, but he only had a one room apartment and I didn't want to be a burden. I hear the bell, and I grab my friend's hands and start dragging them. They laugh, and I laugh with them. Although I'm in this state right now, I'm pretty lucky to have such caring friends.

I quietly organize my papers as I wait for the teacher to arrive.

"Shou-sama!" I look up to see a girl with black hair smiling at me.

"Is there anything you need Amai-san?" I say, used to her arrival. She had come to my desk everyday in the morning and would always strike up a random conversation.

"Aww, you won't call me Misaki? You're welcome to," She says in a flirty tone.

"That'd be disrespectful, as we are not very familiar."

"Ehhhh? So cold, Shou." Misaki pouts at me. I hear laughter and cheers erupt all of a sudden. I turn around to see the girl I had bumped into in the morning. Her hair is tousled by her classmates, and she talks with each and every one of them with great excitement. She was nicknamed the "Sunshine" of the class. I wistfully glance at the scene, wishing I could be part of it. Although I was always surrounded by many people, I was usually alone, even when a person was talking with me.

"Class is starting!" A voice shouts as the door slams open. The class quickly files into their seats immediately. Although our teacher looked very delicate with dark hair and eyes, ivory skin and a small frame, she was quite hard to handle when she became mad.

"Alright kiddos, let's start with roll call! Harumi?"

"Here," I see a red haired girl shout as she raises the baseball bat.

"Please do not carry a baseball bat, Harumi."

"Yes, sensei." Harumi says, and the class erupts in laughter.




"Here." I barely listen to the roll call, as it is almost always the same.

"Kurami?" The teacher looks around for the black-haired supernatural girl. She silently raises a talisman that says "Present."


"Right here!" The roll call goes on and on, and I don't even realize when it becomes my turn.

"Shou? Shou!"

"Oh- here!"

"Please don't daydream, Shou."

"Awww sensei, don't be so harsh. He's still new." I hear a girl say. The teacher merely rolls her eyes and continues.

"Anna?" For some reason, I pay attention to this name. I see the girl I saw this morning raise her hand with a smile on her face.

"Here, sensei!"

"Fufufu, nice to see you too, Anna." The teacher says, returning the smile to Anna. So her name is Anna? That's interesting...

"Alright, let's start today with a lesson on kanji." Most of the class complains, but Anna still smiles brightly. Wait, why am I even watching her...? Get a grip on yourself.

I wave to Harumi and Kurami, as I begin my walk to the bus station. I take out the earphones and phone that my company had given me. I listen to music to distract me from the dizziness I am feeling. I hope I don't have anything serious...I think I have a fever... I sit on the bench to relieve my unsteady legs.

"Ah, Anna!" I take out an earphone from my ear when I hear my name being called. I look up to see my classmate, the "Prince." I stand up on my shaky legs, and I give him a faint smile.

"Are you okay, Anna? You look sick," He says with a concerned look on his face. I nod my head to signal that I'm alright, but my view has already start to tilt.

"I need to get to work," I say in a voice that sounds high-pitched, even to me. I stagger back, and my view turns black.

"Ah!" I say as I catch Anna before she falls. I gently put her on the station bench and put my hand to her forehead. Looks like she has a fever. I check her phone to see if she has any relatives. No mom? No dad? No aunts or uncles? Only some person named Manager Aki. Well, I guess he's the only person to call. I dial the number and wait for Aki to pick up. I support Anna on the bench by putting an arm around her shoulder, causing her to lean on me.

"Hello Anna?" I hear a voice that's a bit high for a male but is definitely recognizable as being from a male.

"Hello," I reply with a cautious voice.

"Who is this?"

"I'm Anna's...classmate, Shou Sora."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Aki. Is there a problem, Shou-kun?"

"Anna seems to have a fever, but she insisted on going to work, what do I do?" I ask Aki.

"Tell her to not worry, and take her home. I'll leave it to you, Shou-kun."

"Wha-? Wai-" The phone beeps, signaling the end of the conversation. I sigh as I look at Anna. Well, nothing I can do about this. I take out my own phone and I hesitantly call my driver.


"Yes, Sora-sama?"

"Please pick me up at the bus station near my school,"

"I'll be there in 5 minutes."

"Thank you," I hang up. I frown at how quickly he responded, and I suspect that he has been following me since my first day of school. I sigh and I play with Anna's brown hair out of boredom. She has a blissful expression on her face, and I smile at that. I hear a honk, and I look up to see my driver standing next to the car. He tips his hat, and gestures towards the car. I lift up Anna bridal-style, who is surprisingly light. I gently place her in the car, before entering it on my own.

"Who is she, Sora-sama? Your girlfriend?"

"Haha, quit the jokes. She's just a classmate, but she has a fever and I don't know where her house is, so I'm just going to bring her to mine." I say in a monotone voice. I lean my chin on my hand, looking out the window. I glance back at Anna, before realizing that I didn't know what her job was. Oh well, I can always ask later...