A New Hello

My life has changed, since the moment I said goodbye;

I thought it'd be difficult, yet I feel like I can fly.

No longer will I be trapped in the unwanted memory;

And feel the pain that comes with the misery.

With this farewell, comes a new hello;

Because I was strong enough to let go.

I've got my whole life ahead of me;

Now that I have no emotional chains tying me.

To your toxic atmosphere and your constant blame;

Things have now changed, for I'm no longer the same.

I'm a completely different person;

My very being is now in unison.

There is only me, myself and I;

No longer will I ever cry.

Over a parasite that feeds on my happiness;

I refuse to be held prisoner in your suffocating darkness.

A new hello was definitely in store;

Why settle for less with you, when I can get more?