Descent Down The Staircase

Hesitation to write at all,
Subconscious truths seeking my waking mind,
Truth bringing along its friend Sadness,
Who also has its brother Depression tagging along,
The trio arrive and bring me among them,
Down the spiral staircase of inspiration,
From its head where beside lit candles sit famous works of literature,
Squeezing all the closer as we approach its feet,
Where my stories sit gathering dust in the dark,
For if a candle from the top were held to it,
The paper it was writing on would instantly cease to exist,
Burned into nothingness by their sheer brilliance

Truth mentions that no one has read the stories in a long time,
Sadness agrees as it tries to clean the papers up a bit,
Depression said that they should just be gotten rid of,
And I barely whisper out a no

It wouldn't take long to get rid of them, and barely anyone would miss them,
Truth tells me as he looks up the staircase,
Its fixated on the glow of the candles above,
But as it attempts to step by I hold out my arm,
I know, but I would miss them, and right now I feel selfish,
I confess to him,
Just let me keep them,
For myself if no one else,
I'll sit down here in the darkness with you,
Just as my stories slowly fade away,
I've no strength to return to the top,
And no one will miss me enough to try and bring me back,
I whisper this all as I slide down against the wall,
The musty moldy wall of rough cobblestone,
A place of beginnings,
Of which I was tricked into thinking I had forever escaped,
By clinging to the coattails of those rising from this pit

Is this how you felt Icarus?
The shinning sun upon your skin as you followed your father,
But the blazing heat dragging you down at you tried to act and do for yourself?
Instead of following your father's tracks like a thief?

You can climb back up,
Truth tells me,
You'd have to leave these behind,
Sadness says looking at me sorrowfully,
You don't have the strength to carry them as well as yourself,
Depression says negatively

Maybe one day I will,
I say weakly,
But for now,
I can't even stand.