A/N: This was a writing exercise/experiment I did at school a while back, to see if I could portray 'softer' emotions as easily as I do 'strong' emotions.

Soft Emotion


There was no where in the world he would rather be than here.

She shifted in his arms, making a small noise in the back of her throat. It was an unconscious noise that betrayed her deep sleep. He could feel sleep pricking at the edges of his vision, and would soon succumb, but he took another moment to process her weight, her smell, and the trust and love she had invested in her lover.

The man in question smiled softly, slipping into sleep easily and soundlessly, content with his place in the world.


Pinpricks. That's what it felt like, pinpricks at the base of her neck, spreading down her spine. It wasn't painful, per se, but definitely...unsettling.

She shifted in her seat, hoping to ease the feeling. There was no definite cause in her mind, unable t think of what would have brougth these feelings on.

She shifted her weight in her seat again, an odd sort of grimace telling the discomfort she felt.


He pressed his lips in a hard line, his eyes gone cold.

The chatter around him didn't cease, only pushing his annoyance further. A peal of laughter grated his nerves, set his teeth on edge.

A chorus of voices protested his leave when he suddenly stood - he had to get out before something sent him over; a word, a look, a noise that would snap his nerves and his temper with it.

Without explanation he strode to the men's room, placing his hands on the basin to rest on and closing his eyes, trying to dispel the sudden hyper awareness that irritation brought.


Her body slightly trembled when she didn't recognize the dark surroundings. Positive she'd realize where she was with some light, she groped for the phone tucked in her pocket.

Confusion started to turn to panic when it didn't turn on.

She wheeled around, seeing the bright and cheerfully lit storefronts a couple blocks away and started to walk - quickly, ever so quickly - her alarm mounting.


His shoulders slumped, and with them, a statue of strength and tower of confidence fell.

He glanced down, his hands trembling slightly.

Words of platitude and this comfort glided in his ears and over his head. The didn't register, and he nodded in turn to the words being said.

His eyes dulled and he turned to leave as as he tried not to be overwhelmed.

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