My Hero

There is one who stands

Above all others as God planned.

He was there form the start

And from day one he stole my heart.

Always giving, loving, serving, and striving to be

What was best for me.

He worked hard every day

For the bills he had to pay.

Caring for his family needs

He was faithful indeed

Never wavering never failing

Even when his health was ailing

Spending all his energies and time

To care for the families line.

Faithful to keep his word

Never cheating or lie was heard

From his lips the truth did fall

He was always standing tall.

Always a hug or comfort to share

He always let me know he cared.

Sometimes by discipline strongly applied

But always in loving grace to guide.

This man I speak of is my hero

Greater than Apollo or Nero

He is my very own I am glad

My hero, my dad.