That heartfelt bumping, bouncing beat

That rhythm you find, you move your feet

The simple, swaying tune so sweet

The melody to tie it neat.

A Song to sing that takes you there

A Place inside its sounding snare

As music plays, you're drawn to where

The sound will stick, with catching flair.

A dip, a twirl, a pirouette

A tap, a shake, a move you let

Take you through it's guide for motion

Add your own spin, a lovely notion.

Now move with grace, or move with might

There is no need for a spotlight.

Feel the music anywhere

Let loose, be free. 'cos passion's there.

It's there for wild, joyous embracing

For uninhibited inspiration

For holding close, someone you care for

For someone loved, worth being there for.

A dance that's quick, that's heated, that flows

A dance that's soft, intimate, and slow.

In any way that you can feel it

Just hold your fire, ensure it stays lit.