I walk slowly across Palestine and Israel

Stealing the lives of the innocent

Religion nor nationality matters to me

They all end the same

I take who I want

Whether it be children or adults

I see a flash of light streaking in the sky

A boom follows

"Ah that's my cue," I whisper

Moving towards the light

I gather random souls

This one was an girl

A girl with dreams

Dreams of peace

Now this girl is gone

Snuffed like a candle

No longer burning in the dark

I reach the light

Rubble is below me

Moans of pain

Wails of terror are before me

Some pray

Some are silent

Some wait expectantly

They know they are lost

I take them

Strangely I become tender

Gently holding each soul

The moans and wails stop

I've taken everyone

This is meant to be a tribute to Palestine and Israel. The fighting needs to end too many have died on both sides. Please everyone educate yourselves about what is happening in the Middle East; it has gone on for too long. Protest against the death. Fight against the inhumanity. Hope for a better future.