My True Friend

I never said it was impossible

For you to be my friend.

All I ever wanted

Was someone who could understand.

I wanted someone who I could talk to

With such joy and ease,

Someone that understood where I was coming from,

Someone who understood me.

I never thought I would find you here

A friend looked over the rest.

Someone who could always be by my side

Someone I could truly call the best.

The problem is

That one true friend is me

Just behind a sheet of glass

Someone I wish I could be.

She understood what I was saying,

And listened to everything I said.

Who said that your best friend couldn't be

Someone in your head?

My friend never left me

When I looked for her, she was there.

Doesn't that count for anything,

Saying all the times you weren't here?

She laughed when I laughed,

And cried when I cried;

She always listened to what I had to say

And never ever lied.

You may think I'm crazy,

But you will never know

What it is like to truly be cared about

By someone who will never go.

A friend makes a friend

Because they are someone you can depend on.

Always there, right beside you

When all other hopes are gone.

So when you are in need

Of someone willing to care,

Always look behind the glass

Because she will always be there.