Mopy's team finally made it to the secluded island they have been tracking for the last five days. The whole trip drove them mad almost to the point of them fighting until one nut blow the engines of the large blue fighter jet. The jet zoomed to the island leaving a trail of water vapor in the air.

The plane landed on the beach scaring little critters from the now occupied space. The ramp hissed open revealing three teenagers, each with different styles of hair and clothing.

Mopy, the leader of the group wore a long, short-sleeved blue shirt with a long yellow rectangle on the center, a pair of jeans and sneakers. He had chocolate brown skin and short spiky hair with a purple shire on the left side of his head. Tucked inside his left pants pocket was the ever powerful Badge of Alpha. It grants him the power of one of twenty-four angels, "The Alpha", a powerful being who was the first to absorb into the badge. When Mopy transforms into Alpha he gains all the traits and powers of this beast. If he stays too long he would lose his humanity and Alpha would inevitably control him.

Zachary and Phillia were different. Despite being 5 years younger than their opposed leader, they shared the same badge! Zachory and Phillia are the children of Stringy and Mopy's hometown mayor who religiously hates them. Despite their orders to stay away from them - they join them because in their words, "They are odd but cool."

Zachary and Phillia are twins, each having the same short brown hair, all except that Phillia's was an inch longer than Zachary's. They wore identical clothing: an orange shirt with a red rectangle on the center of their shirts, brown pants and matching shoes. Despite their identical fashion sense, Zachary was an inch taller than his twin sister.

Phillia was a sweet and innocent soul who emulates her brother a lot of times. As they walked down the ramp with Mopy she couldn't help but stare at him. Her crush with Mopy was not a secret. As clueless Stringy was, she caught it immediately. Yeah it was that sad. However, Mopy never seemed to catch it, annoying Zachary to the point of him blowing up.

Zachary would act without thinking about what would happen. He would often get beaten up at the wrong time! Phillia was the complete opposite - except for her not being beaten up. Like Mopy they carried and shared one badge called, "The Badge of Beta". Like the Alpha, it grants them ONE of twenty-four angels. How they use it was...interesting. Pretty interesting. When they use it they transform into "The Beta" a were-bear.

Mopy pulled out his tracking device.

"Okay since now that we are here, where is this guy or girl that we were suppose to take back?" Zachary asked.

Mopy struggled to get his device to work but no dice.

"Mopy? Something wrong?" Phillia asked.

"This darn thing looks like it doesn't even want to..." Mopy shook the thing often trying various ways to get it on until they heard something from behind the woods.

"What was that?" Zachary asked.

"I don't know," Mopy replied advancing to the moving bush, "Looks like a moving bush. A Neoman perhaps. You guys stay back." Zachory and Phillia, despite given specific instructions did not listen.

"Whatever those Neomen want they better not put a scratch on ya, because if they do...they'll be hell to pay!" Phillia threatened scaring Zachary.

"That was out of nowhere don't you think?" Zachary asked his deranged sister.

Halfway towards the bush, Mopy pulled out his badge for defense. When he finally got close enough, his badge, already glowing bright blue, uncovered the bush.

Mopy's eyes bulged when he saw a nude man in fetal position after being uncovered. He whimpered, more like a dog, in absolute fear. He had long blonde hair, light facial hair, and had strikingly oceanic blue eyes. He was a bit bigger than Mopy in terms of muscularity and height. He looked pretty beaten up and bruised all around. A few cuts here and there, though not severe still put a worry in Mopy's mind.

Phillia whistled a wolf whislted. Zachary barfed.

"Really? This again? How many naked men are there? Are we fighting a monster or a nude shower? I wish it was a nude shower because...this is stupid!"

Mopy, seeing that the man has covered himself briefly was shaking up a storm.

"Phillia, go back to the ship and bring in a blanket," he said.

"Why? Can I just look..."

"Zachary can you take your sister to the ship and bring a blanket?" Mopy asked.

"Anyhting to see again!" Zachary said grabbing his sister by the arm, "Come on Phillia!"

"No!" Phillia was tugging on her arm against Zachary's grip.

"This man needs to be censored!"

"No he does not! He's beautiful! Nude is art! You can't censor art! Art is real!" Real!" Zachary carried his sister bridal style and ran back to the ship to fetch Mopy a nice warm blanket to cover the naked man.

The man was covered up in a thick blue blanket, the blanket in which Mopy would have to wash later. Yeah he would glare and not talk to Zachary for that since a naked man is wrapped around his personal bed-sheet! His focus was on the man as he started to settle down. His cuts were bandaged and he was given an ice pack for those wounds.

"Hello?" Mopy began.

"Hi! Are you there captain of raining dudes falling from the sky? Are you him? Because if you are..."

"Zachary!" Mopy yelled scaring the blonde man in front of him, "Zip it."

"Zipping it," Zachary said.

Phillia giggled until Zachary shot open a glare forcing Phillia to shut it.

"Do you have a name?" Mopy asked.

The man was unresponsive.

"Who did this to you?" Mopy asked.

"Come on Mops, this man is no good. If this is the man that United Badgette Society wanted then I want my money back," Zachary said.

"But you didn't fund this!" Mopy shot back.

"Yeah I did," Zachary said, "In taxes!"

Mopy glared at him and groaned until -

"Where am I?" the man finally spoke scaring Mopy, Zachary, and Phillia, "What am I?"

"What do you mean what are you?" Phillia asked.

"I was with Zero and...and some guy with a strange cloak jumped us and...and..."

"A strange guy with a cloak? Wait? Whoa re you talking about? What cloak?" Mopy asked.

"Is he referring to the Association of the Masked Men?" Zachary asked.

The man was obviosuly was about to spill way too much until his breathing became life-threatening. Mopy had to calm the guy down before he goes into shock.

"Whoa calm down," Mopy said.

"Anzen did this! He gained some sort of ultimate power! That human! That human! Oh dear everything crashed! The war! The war!" the man was spazzing out until he finally ran out of oxygen. Mopy, Zachary, and Phillia rushed to his aid to give him oxygen.

"Come on breathe!" Mopy told.

"We're losing him man!" Zachary told him.

Just as though that Mopy was about to pull out his badge, Phillia pushed him and Zachary to the side and punched five of his major pressure points reactivating his ability to breathe. Just before Zachary and Mopy question her, she said, "I learend a thing or two from Sarah," she smiled.

Phillia sat next to the man and rubbed his back as Mopy, putting the badge on standby got closer to the guy.

"Are you okay sport?" Mopy asked.

"Who are you?" the man asked.

"My name is Mopy. Yeah i know the name sounds silly but hey at least people remember my name well!"

"No, it is because the writer was too lazy to give you a real name!" Phillia spoke. Zachary arched his eyebrows as Mopy gave her a darkened glare, one to which made her to blink.

"Did I say lazy, I mean...Im'ma shut up now," she said confusing the blonde guy.


"Yeah Phillia, not only she is full of surprises but she is a little nutty."

"HEY!" Phillia snapped making Mopy to shut up.

"Despite that handsome since you know Alpha Boy here," Phillia began extending her hand, "The name's Phillia Holmes. Nice to meet you!" she said confusing the man who nodded his head to the side. Phillia was also confused. The man extended his hand slowly only to be grabbed by her and shaken. The man was shaken by this until she let go.

"need to work on your grip," she advised.

"Name's Zachary," he said, "As you noticed, we're twins."

"Care to tell us yours?" Mopy asked.

"I am Torrent," the man replied.