Ace brushed my hair with his fingers softly and said, " know you're really pretty." Once I heard his words, I felt my blood rush to my cheeks. I was speechless for about thirty seconds. I didn't know what to say for a while until I finally said, "Ace, you're-". He didn't let me finish my sentence because out of no where he kissed me.

Inside I felt like I was floating, but why did he have to fall in love with me? I would always ask myself these questions, but for some reason this one felt really different. Our kissed ended up lasting ten seconds. His lips against mine felt like heaven. I couldn't help but look into his brown eyes. "Nem, will you let me love you?" His words were said slowly, but somehow perfect. "I'm sorry Ace, but I'm not sure if I can let you love me.."

Ace's eyes widen as they seemed like they were saying 'I Love You'. Ace had nothing but a poker face while he looked into my eyes. I felt bad and sorry for him because of what i said. "Nem...just one more please..?" I looked at him scared but surprisingly felt relaxed? "Ace I-". Ace held my chin up and whispered to me, "I loved the way your lips felt against mine."

I stood there more scared, not understanding how i felt relaxed. Ace let go of my chin and with both of his hands he held my wrists. He pushed me hard against the wall we stood next to."Ace?! What are you doing?!" My heart was pounding loud while i felt Ace breath touch my skin. I looked up at him while he looked at me with longing eyes. " can't stop love once it starts."