"Hey, this is Cari, but I suppose you already knew that, right? I mean, you know, smart phones and all. Wait, do you have my number? I mean… yeah. Anyway, I was just wanting to know where you wanted to meet up tomorrow. You know, for our project? I was kinda hoping somewhere close… to me I mean, not that it would be a bad thing if it can't be, I just… yeah. Anyway, we can't go to my place 'cuz I'm repainting my bedroom and everything else is kind of a mess. No room, you know? I mean… yeah. Anyway, call me back soon!"

"Hi. Anywhere is fine. I'm free after my shift ends at 4:00."

"Wow, ok. That's not really a lot to go on. Like, would the library be better? Or like a fast food place? Starbucks? Do you have any interests? I mean… yeah. Anyway, what about 4:30 then? Is that enough time to get there for you? If we knew where 'there' is anyway. I mean… yeah. Anyway, I'm free in the afternoon, so it won't be a problem. Did you know there's a huge accident on the highway right now? It just happened. I hope you're not too effected by it! I mean… yeah. Anyway, call me back!"

"Library's fine."

"How do we keep missing each other? I don't understand, this is ridiculous. I mean… yeah. Anyway, what I was going to ask is which library? Is it alright with you if it's the South Street one? That one's kind of easier for me to get to, so I thought we could maybe meet there. I mean, it's pretty quiet, and it's kinda newer, and… yeah. Anyway, I called Briston again to ask about the specifics of the project, and she was really helpful in giving me a few ideas. Are you sure we want to stick with the theme we have? I mean… yeah. Anyway! Oh, I just saw a car that looks like yours. Did you just go to Safeway? That'd be kind of a wild coincidence, huh? I mean… yeah. Anyway, call me back!"

"South Street's fine. Whatever's fine for the project."

"Sigh, you're just so uncommunicative! I mean, I know talking isn't like a thing for guys, but… yeah. Anyway, how about we go with aliens? So much more broad than fungi, right? I mean, there's so many more directions we could go in, and it's so much more interesting. I mean… yeah. Anyway, are you sure that's not your car? I spotted it again after I left Super One, but I didn't catch who was driving it. I mean, it's not like I was tailing it or something, just noticing. You know how it is… yeah. Anyway, are you doing your grocery shopping now, too? Maybe that's why we keep missing each other. It's so noisy in here, maybe that's why I keep missing your calls. I mean… yeah. Anyway, call me back!"

" 'Aliens' is too broad, and not more interesting."

"Really, that's it? But I thought guys liked aliens. I mean, just think about it! There's Roswell, and Area 56 or whatever, and conspiracy theories, and my mom's friend's husband works for NASA, and we could ask the FBI and… yeah. Anyway. How about I do some research and you'll do some research and then we'll both bring an outline tomorrow and see which one's better! Hey, did you… omigosh! Did you see that? There's this thing in the sky and it's actually picking up a car! People are screaming like crazy! That's so epic! I've got to get a video of it! There's this weird beeping noise on my phone. I hope my battery isn't dying, that'd be so depressing… yeah. Anyway! See you tomorrow!"

"Um. I may not make it tomorrow. Also, aliens is probably fine."