Yosemite National Park

One of the most spectacular scenic views of any national park, in the United States, is

conferred by Yosemite National Park. The raw nature of the United States may be unprecedented in its grandeur on the North American Continent, but few parks pale in comparison to Yosemite. It is absolutely gorgeous, to say the least, and the photos do not do it justice. Based in California, this stunning park occupies well over 700,000 acres, and it could literally envelope the entire state of Rhode Island it's so large. That is precisely how much land you have to navigate when you hike this trail. Every year, over three million people explore this park, and overnight explorers and hikers request permits to pursue an unforgettable voyage into the untamed nature of California.

This park is so vast, that you may waver in deciding where to go first. You have myriad hiking trails to choose from, which encompass an expanse of about 800 miles, and you will certainly have a blast during your hike. Why hike along uneventful, barren land when you can observe nature at its finest at Yosemite National Park? On this trail, you will encounter a fun medley of different terrain types and ecological systems, including forests, glaciers and mountain, along with rivers and eclectic wildlife, as well.

Before you plan your hike, read the itinerary to plan your trip accordingly and determine where you would like to hike first. You are likely to have a fulfilling experience on this trail, and nature lovers everywhere are encouraged to visit it. Exercise can be an enriching and multifaceted experience when you embark upon hiking challenges at this national park. If you intend to take your physical activity to the next level, consider engaging in various climbing activities as well, if you desire something a bit more strenuous than hiking.

By Jeffrey Volosin