The world is just a dot on the map of,

The galaxies a dot on the map of the universe.

Getting bigger all the time,

With smaller lives,

Smaller minds,

And bigger egos,

Squarer eyes.

Saddest living,

Happy dies.

And why?

Why not?

Not sure what you've got,

'Til it's lost to the gods of the lives that we've lost,

To the egos we've developed in this world,

I'm so fed up,

Of rooting for the liars,

Believing their own lies,

And the innocent believing,

That innocence is alive.

And we laugh in the faces of the people who can't see,

That the world is falling, fallen at the feet of you and me.

And we wish we could return it to the way it once was,

But we remember it's forgotten,

And our ignorance is loss.