I'm having the strangest dream. I'm laying on the floor of a kitchen. My whole body is paralyzed but not numb, so I can still feel the cold, hard tiles of the floor pressing against my back. What's more, I'm completely naked. I shift my gaze to where a woman with beautiful, brown hair is humming as she chops up vegetables.

Aaaaah, what a sweet voice. I think to myself. It has such a calming quality. As does the rhythmic sound of her chopping up the vegetables. I wonder what she's cooking. Maybe a stew?

She stops humming and chopping all of a sudden. Her free hand snakes up to the back of her head and she slides her slender fingers into her chocolate coloured tresses to give her scalp a scratch.

Scratch. Scratch.

Hmm... I wouldn't mind her scratching my hair.

Scratch. Scratch. Scrat-

'Oooouch!' She withdraws her hand away from her head and I feel the blood in my veins go cold when I see that the fingers on that hand are stained red. What the hell?

'It's not ready yet!' she sobs.

Everything falls into place. This is not a dream. This is a nightmare, and the worst part is that I'm not even asleep. How did I not recognise that the woman is Gwen?! I remember now; she knocked me out. Oh shit! How long have I been unconscious for? I turn my eyes to the kitchen door, which is not only closed but bolted up too.

That unearthly voice which I first heard yesterday night begins to speak, making my heart beat so fast that I can hear the blood pumping into my head.

'Hurry up! I'm starving! I'm starving!' comes its cries.

Shut up! I want to tell it. It's relationship to Gwen is clearly a parastic one. I try to get up but only succeed in squirming a little bit on the floor. This movement does nothing but exhaust of sweat have already formed on my brow. My laboured breathing must've alerted Gwen to my consciousness because she turns around and looks upon me with a sad smile. Tears make her eyes sparkle.

'Oh, Gamba. You should'nt have woken up.'

What are you going to do, Gwen? Why am I on the floor, unable to move and without a scrap of clothing on? I cannot ask these questions because my mouth won't cooperate with my brain. It's so frustrating.

She bites down hard on her lip. 'You know, if you didn't interfere, I wouldn't have to kill you.'

I squirm. My head is going to explode with the amount of things I want to say to her. Stop. This is not necessary. You're not a murderer. Even if I said these things, would she spare me?

'I don't want to do this to you, Gamba. I don't hate you at all and I don't want to hurt you, but I... I just love Gingko so much! If you said anything, our happy life would be ruined. He'd never want a monster like me.' Her eyes suddenly become as empty as those of a doll. 'You're going into this stew, and tonight, I shall serve you to all of our guests. It's going to hurt when I cut you up, I'm sorry, so sorry! But you have no idea what she'd do if I don't do this! It was her idea, I swear!' a torrent of tears flow down her face as she approaches me with a butcher's knife in her good hand.

All I can do is squirm pathetically on the floor. No way... this can't be how I die, can it? These things only happen in horror movies. Is nobody awake yet? Surely somebody must be wondering where Gwen and I have gotten to by now.

Gwen kneels down by the side of my head and strokes my hair. Even now, with a weapon in her hands and blood on her fingers, this act still soothes me. Her tears splash onto my face like raindrops. I stare at her as fiercely as I can manage.

Stop this, Gwen. Let me help you!

'Oh, Gamba, please don't look at me like that...'

She takes in a deep breath and shakily lifts the butcher's knife right above my neck. I should shut my eyes so I don't see it coming down to sever my head but I can't bring myself to do so. I keep my eyes on Gwen instead. Her face is pained. She's still not delivering the final blow.

'Do it quick!' orders the voice at the back of her head.

'I... I-I can't!' cries Gwen.

I let out an internal sigh of relief. Of course Gwen wouldn't kill me!

'WHAT?!' the voice screeches, 'you impudent girl! Are you defying me?!'

'I'm not a monster like you!' Gwen screams back. 'I've had enough of you controlling me! This is my body!'

'No, It's our body! Perhaps I should expose you to your dear husband by biting off his nose as he sleeps? Is that what you want?'

'No!' Gwen covers her ears.

'Then listen to what I say! Kill Gamba! I crave his flesh!'

I pray that someone comes down soon. Wouldn't it be such a miracle if someone just busted open that door and saved us all? My great aunt comes to mind as the top canditate for being our hero. I mean, come on, Lady Arache. You're a first-class monster slayer. Save me. Save Gwen.

Knock, knock, knock!

Finally! Someone has finally heard the commotion!

'Gwen, sweetheart, what are you doing in there? Are you hurt?'

It's Gingko speaking. His voice is full of concern. He knocks more desperately when Gwen doesn't immediately respond. Even though my great aunt doesn't speak, I know that she's also outside the kitchen door. Call it a gut instinct, if you will.

'Gwen, please! Talk to me!'

'I'm alright, love! I'm alright.' she forces a smile to her face and wipes away her tears with the sleeve of her silk robe. She ignores her husband's further pleas for her to open the door and whispers to me, ' You're so right, Gamba; I can't keep lying to Gingko. She too is also right. This body isn't just mine. As monstrous as she is, I am too.'

No, no you're not. Gwen abrupt calmness is scaring me, and that's saying a lot considering what's happened in the last five minutes. She gets up slowly and strides to the block of knives on the counter. She pulls out the sharpest blade and smiles at it.

'I shouldn't have kept her a secret from Gingko. I have deceived him, the person I love the most. I'm such a burden, such a liar. I'll never lie to him again!'

With those last words, she drives the blade right into her chest.