Wanting You

Wanting you is not a simple thing. Some would tell you it is but it is not. Desire is a two-edged sword that can cut you coming and going. It can feel so good but hurt so bad. It tears your heart and soul to its very depths.

Wanting you every day

In every moment and every way.

I want you to be mine

Till the ends of time.

I burn with a deep desire

To touch and feel your fire.

To have your hands caress

The landscape of my breast.

To have your mouth on mine

Tongues tangled and entwined.

Your caress upon my skin

Preparing to take you in

Sweet and soft as you glide

Down my back, my side,

Caresses building the wave

The more you touch the more I crave.

Your hands are like little flames

Igniting fires as I whisper your name.

The passion building higher still

As the music in my soul does trill

Desire to have you lay me

Upon your bed of ecstasy.

To have you look in to my eyes

And hear your happy sighs.

I want to touch your heart

To know we will never part

I long for the moment when

You slip your self within

The fire of my heat

And my heart begins to beat

Faster and faster as we ride

Up to the clouds in the sky

On the winds of passion and heat

Until in climax we do meet.

Holding the moment to savor

In our hearts forever.

This is what wanting you means to me

Loving in its purity

Giving all to bring pleasure to

The one I love so true.

When I think of you each day

This is what I want to say

I want you so much it hurts

No other pain has ever been worse.

Please come to me my lover

Take me with you under the cover

Of your bed and heart and hand

Giving me what I demand

Taking from me what I have to give.

That which without I cannot live.

I want you.