There once was a colossal being floating endlessly in space.

But as millions of years flew past him, he grew tired of floating.

when asteroids sailed by, He would grab onto them, and over centuries he amassed heaps.

the more he collected, The more they would stick together and condense also the heavier he would feel when he stood on them.

There came a point when they all melded and joined into a planet, a huge planet, Barren and rocky

as the colossal sat on this endless landscape he waited for something to happen. He had made this huge planet, surely this would make him happy?

But it didn't – And as years dragged on he grew angry and pounded the rocky earth with his fists

were he hit, great valleys and craters would be carved and when he swept his hand across the landscape mountains would rise

and he cried, for years his tears fell upon the earth filling the crater into lakes and oceans and the valleys into streams, Soon the barren and rocky planet was blue with his tears

he sat on one of these mountains and when his crying had sniffled to a halt he felt so so tired.

He closed his eyes and slept

a lot happened while the colossal slept, He was covered by earth and rocks and mud and plants would grow over him, life appeared and dinosaurs came and went.

Humans walked the earth, building and creating, Just like he had done, They laughed and played and were merry

But they also destroyed. They fought ruthlessly over small pieces of this little dot the colossal had made from asteroids, the rivers of tears he had cried where dyed red with the blood of humans

They gouged out the earth for all of its precious resources and burned the forests

It was in one of their digging operations that they found him,

Imagine waking up covered in ants after billions of years of being asleep, but when the colossal saw these curious humans he smiled and called out to them

But they screamed and ran away and he was all alone again

They returned in the night, with the roar of trucks and the harsh yells of commands

the colossal tried to greet his new friends, finally he was not alone.

But all the humans did was pepper him in bullets

the colossal lay upon the desecrated soil, bested by these creatures his old metallic body full of smoking holes from gunfire, his wise old face blackened and dented.

He lay there too weak to move and forced to endure all the pain as the humans removed one of his legs marveling at the wiring and mechanisms that filled his leg and had been there before their earliest ancestor had existed.

They loaded him onto a truck and brought him to a laboratory deep underground

for how long they tortured him and experimented with the colossal none will know, but the scientists would grow old before his eyes and new ones would arrive, The cycle would repeat. Again and again.

But then, They stopped coming

And for years it was silent, The laboratory crumbled around him.

It was a long time before the giant got up and made his way to the surface

When he got there, it was like walking into a memory half forgotten from a time long ago, The landscape was barren and rocky, the soil blackened and there was no sign of humans or any other life for that matter.

The colossal pushed off the earth and back into space

asteroids passed him, but he made no move towards them

He just floated endlessly

It was better just to be alone.