The Promise

There was a boy who had lived a long and painful life And for years he had endured what his mother brought upon him But then along came a new a sister who would suffer the same fate So to her, he made a promise

If you're ever in danger I will be the one to protect you And if you are ever lost I will be the one to show you the way

If you're ever in pain I will be the one to stay by your side And if you are ever in the dark I will be the one to light up your day

But that promise was not kept forever For one day, he disappeared Leaving his sister behind; leaving her eyes filled with tears

So then the year passed And the girl was left alone Wandering the streets Without a brother or a home

Until one day she came across a boy her age And when her secret was revealed He had only this to say

If you ever need my help I'll be the one to have your back And if you ever need advice I'll be the one to give you life hacks

If you ever feel lonely I'll be there to keep you company If you're ever feeling down I'll be there to make sure that your happy

And for the first time in a year The girl had felt whole again And for the first time in forever She had found and actual friend

And through an act of kindness The boy finally spoke And told her he would help her Which of course, she that was a joke

Then he took her by the hand And said something she would never forget For that day a promise was made; a promise that would forever be kept I'll help you find your brother and make sure he's with you 'til the end.

I hope you guys liked it! Sorry, I might have some mistakes. I'm not really good with poems. :3