A sigh escapes my lips as I lean my head on my hand and tap my pencil against the desk. My Roberts is talking about some war, but I zoned out ages ago. History has never been a subject I have ever been interested in. I only decided to take it because I needed to take 3 classes and I needed a third. Sixth form sucks like that.

The sun shines in through the classroom windows, taunting me. I would much rather be out there basking in the sunlight than in this stuffy classroom. I stop the pencil tapping, sit upright and start to doodle on the front of my school book. I smile when I feel a hand take mine under the desk and turn my head to meet Jake's green eyes. Eyes that I get lost in every time I look into them.

I push my glasses further up my nose and stop doodling to just watch Jake. I sometimes wonder what he is doing with me. He is beautiful with his choppy dark hair, amazing eyes and great body. Then there is me with my pale skin and dull grey eyes. I can see people question it every time we walk through the building hand in hand.

The bell ringing, signifying the end of school breaks me from my thoughts and I quickly pack up my books. I stand and head for the door with Jake in tow, only to be stopped by Mr Roberts. "Adam, can I talk to you for a second?" he asked.

I turn to Jake, "Ill meet you outside" I tell him.

"Okay" Jake replies as he leaves. Mr Roberts waits until the last student has left before taking a seat behind his desk. I pull up a chair and sit down in front of his desk.

"Am I in trouble?" I ask feeling slightly worried.

"Oh, no. It's nothing like that. Its just, I was going through your coursework and you seem to be lagging behind everyone else. Any reason why?" he asks, flipping through my recent coursework.

"I honestly don't know why" I lie.

"Well, would you maybe like to have some extra help?" he asks. I think about it because I may not like the subject, I would like to pass the course.

"Okay, I could use the help" I tell him. Mr Roberts smiles and I can't help but smile back. Mr Roberts is one of the best teachers the school has. Before I started sixth form, he was my teacher for many of my classes. He became more of a friend than a teacher. It only sucks that he teaches this lesson and not Performing Arts or Art and Design, my other two chosen subjects.

"Well we can start Monday evening. I will get extra work ready over the weekend for you" Mr Roberts says. I nod my head and stand.

"See you next week sir" I say as I put the chair back where it was and head out of the classroom. I meet Jake outside in the car park, waiting in his car. I climb in and lean over, placing a kiss on his lips, I go to pull away but his hand on the back of my neck keeps me in place and he deepens the kiss before pulling away.

"I have been wanting to do that all day" he smirks and starts the car. The drive to his house takes around 20 minutes and once inside I fall back on his couch, closing my eyes for a couple of seconds. I feel Jake lift my legs up and then places them over his after he sits down. "Rough day?" he asks. I nod my head. The only class Jake and I share is History and we both took it for the same reason.

"Mrs Villers had us practising the dance steps for the entire two hours. Mind if I get a shower?" I ask, opening my eyes and looking at Jake.

"Of course not" he says. I sit up and lean over, kissing him before heading down the hall to his bedroom. I take out a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt before grabbing a towel and heading into the bathroom. I flip the shower on and strip down before climbing in. The warm water soothes my tired muscles.

After a while I hear the door open and close and Jake climbs in behind me, his arms wrapping around my waist. He kisses from my ear, down to my neck, nibbling at the skin. I gasp as he hits my soft spot and push back against him. I reach my hand around and run it through his, now wet hair, closing my eyes. I let out a moan of pleasure and turn my head, capturing his lips with my own.

His bites my bottom lips, asking for entrance which I immediately allow. "I could see how tense you were. You need to relax" he says as he holds me close and starts to wash my body. Afterwards we exit the shower, heading into the bedroom to watch some television. I lay with my head resting on Jake's chest while he flips through the channels. He lands on the news channel and stops to listen to the reporter.

'The disease is still rapidly spreading. We advise that anyone who has come down with the illness seeks medical attention right away.'

"Abbey has it" Jake says, talking about his little sister. I sit up and see the worry in his eyes.

"How is she?" I ask.

"She is in hospital. My parents don't want me there in case I catch whatever it is, but they refuse to leave her side" he says, tears forming. I pull him into a hug and try to calm him down. Abbey is only 9. She was one of the first to catch the illness and her body had shut down twice but the doctors managed to resuscitate her. She is now in a coma and Jake's parents haven't left the hospital since. This was 3 weeks ago. As I hold him I think about my mum. She works abroad and is gone for weeks at a time. I started living with my grandmother but after she passed away I moved in with Jake. I switch the channel to the movies channel and a film called 'Mine Games' is playing. I pull the blanket over us both and lay with Jake's head on my chest and my arm around his shoulders.

A banging on the door wakes me up. I groan as I sit up, waking Jake up at the same time. "Sorry baby" I say as he looks at me.

"No worries, I'll get it" he says as climbs out of bed. I lean back and close my eyes and listen to the conversation at the door.

"Do you know what time it is" Jake says, not sounding happy. "What is it?"

"You need get some stuff packed up" comes the voice of our neighbour Lucas. I groan and sit up. Lucas has hated mine and Jake's relationship because he has always had a crush on Jake. I stand and head to the door to see a panicked looking Lucas, his blonde hair a mess.

"What is it?" I ask. Lucas pushes himself in but Jake stops him going any further.

"You can't just barge in here" Jake spat.

"Look!" Lucas shouts. "Have you not heard the news?" he asks.

"Yeah, because what else would I be doing at four am?" I spit. "Of course we haven't, why what's going on?" I ask. He pushes passed Jake and I, heading in the living room and turning on the TV, flipping to the news channel. Jake and I sit and watch the frantic news reporter.

'For those of you just joining. The disease has mutated. If you encounter the infected then get away from them. If bitten head to the nearest hospital.' Bitten? 'For those of you unaffected we highly recommend you lock your doors and stay inside. May god be with all of you.'

My hands are shaking as the television turns off. I turn to Jake and see tears streaming silently down his cheeks. "Abbey" he mutters before jumping up and running to the bedroom. I follow behind and find him getting dressed.

"Where are you going?" I ask.

"I need to find my parents. I need to see if Abbey is okay" he replies. I can see the panic in his eyes as he frantically pulls on his clothing.

"Well I am coming with you" I say as I start to get dressed. Jake turns to object but he stops when our eyes meet. "I am coming" I say sternly. He hesitates but nods his head. He goes around to the bedside table and pulls out a simple black pistol.

"What the fuck" Lucas shouts as he sees the gun. Jake and I don't say anything as I finish pulling on my green hoodie. Jake pushes passed Lucas and I follow behind him, heading for the front door. "Wait!" Lucas shouts. I turn and see fear in his eyes. "C-can I come with you?" he asks looking down at his feet. "I don't want to be left alone, not after what the news said."

I may not like Lucas but I know we can't just leave him here. Jake nods his head and Lucas thanks us both. "Come on, lets go" Jake says grabbing his car keys and locking the front door after we leave.

Jake drives like a maniac. I look out the window and see people packing up their cars and other cars speeding just like we are. "Jake, I know you are in a hurry but please slow down" I tell him, but its like it passes right through his head. "Jake, come on!" I shout.

"I need to get there fast" Jake yells back. Fear and panic rise as we narrowly miss another car.

"Please Jake, you are going to get us killed" I say, gripping his arm. He slows down to a stop and looks at me.

"I am sorry" he says. I smile, but it drops when his eyes widen in fear. I turn to the window and my eyes widen. I manage to let out a scream before the car hits us. The car is flown around and pain shoots through my body as something sharp enters my leg. I hit my head and darkness slowly overcomes me.

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