The screech of the car pulls me from my dreamless sleep. I shoot up straight and and look to Jake. "What's going on?" I ask while rubbing sleep from my eyes.

"I don't know. Something has happened to one of the other trucks.

"Everyone stay in the truck" Richard says as he climbs out, his gun ready. Everything falls silent and we all look at each other. That's when a screech fills the air followed by gunshots. Multiple screams sound out and my hand automatically grabs Jake's. Richard comes back trying to catch his breath.

"Everyone, out now!" he shouts.

"What is it?" Finn asks.

"Some of the patients were still infected. We need to get out of here" Richard replies. None of us hesitates and we all climb out of the truck. Its still dark out but in the distance the sky is slowly turning blue. We are on a road with large fields on either side and forests after that.

People from other cars are heading to the fields while more gun shots ring out. Through the darkness I can see figures laying on the grounds and others stumbling after the soldiers with guns. "Follow me" Richard says, heading towards the field. "Keep up with me, we don't want to lose any of you."

So we follow him into the field. Everyone else seems to be heading in one direction while we are heading towards the woods. "Where are we going? Shouldn't we stick with them?" Victor asks.

"They are fools. I know of an old bunker a a few miles west of here. We will be safe there and I will radio to one of the planes and give them our coordinates" Richard replies.

"Well shouldn't we tell the others?" I ask.

"What and bring someone that could possibly be infected with us? No, my duty is to keep you safe. All of you. There was a soldier set to each truck. If something was to happen then we were ordered to protect whoever was in that truck. Only those in that truck" Richard replies.

Nobody else talks and we enter into the forest. Abbey is crying softly into her mothers shoulder just like Philip. Time seems to pass slowly as we quietly move through the trees. We near a river and Richard holds up his hand. He points to the flowing water in stuck in the mud on the river bank is an infected.

The infected spots us and starts clawing at the mud to get out, but it is stuck up to its knees. We move around the infected and walk until we find a shallow part of the river before crossing it. The sun is beginning to rise now, lighting the sky and making it much easier to see.

I don't know how long we have been walking but my legs ache and I could really do with a glass of water. "How much further?" Finn asks for the fifth time in the past 20 minutes. Richards sighs.

"We will be there soon" he replies. I can hear the annoyance in his voice. We are all annoyed at Finn. As we walk I think about everyone I have left behind. Is Ashley and Tyler alive? Did they make it out of the city? I can only hope and prey they are safe.

My mind is brought to mum. Surely they have stopped all flights in and out of the country. What would she be doing now? Will she be fighting to get back into the UK? Knowing mum she would sight until she cant fight no more, and even then she will try.

Its strange to understand that my entire life has been flipped upside down in just a week. The only thing that I know is that survival is the main objective. After another half an hour and Finn asking time and time again if we are there yet, we come across the bunker that Richard was talking about.

We all stop in our tracks at the sight in front of us. Surrounding the entrance to the bunker are about 15 infected. They don't notice us as they stumble about. "Get down" Richard whispers as we all drop to the floor as quietly as we can.

"What are we going to do?" Julia asks, shaking in fear and her face turned white.

"There are two options. We take out the infected and get into the bunker, or we walk aimlessly through these woods looking for another form of shelter" Richard says.

"We need to take the bunker. We are all tired and we wont last long out there, especially if there are more of the infected in these woods" Mr Roberts says as he takes out his gun. Jake takes his out too and so does Jin. I am surprised to see that Finn hasn't got a gun.

"Okay, you all stay here" Richard says gesturing to us without a gun. "The others come with me." Jake is about to stand when I grab his arm.

"Don't die" I say before kissing him softly. He kisses back and then hugs me before the four of them head towards the bunker. There is silence followed by screeches and gun shots then more silence. Richard comes back seconds later with splatters of blood covering him.

"Its safe" he says as we all stand. The scene almost makes me throw up. The infected lay dead on the floor and blood splatters the fallen leaves. Jake pulls off his shirt and wipes the blood off of his face and walks over to me.

"You okay?" I ask but he just walks into my arms. His body shakes as he sobs into my shoulder, letting out all the emotion he has kept inside. Throughout the week he hasn't cried once and I knew he was just trying to stay strong for us all. But now he is letting it out and I am here for him. I whisper sweet nothings into his ear as I hold him tight like he did a lot for me after my grandmother died.

"Come on, lets go inside" Richard says as he pulls open the metal door to the bunker.

"Just give us a second" I say and he nods. Everyone else heads into the bunker and Jake and I are left alone. I pull us both away from the bodied and sit on a small hill a couple feet away from the bunker. Jake is sat resting against my chest, tears still falling and his body still shaking.

I kiss the top of his head and my hands grab his, linking our fingers and squeezing tight. "Just let it all out" I whisper as I fight back my own tears. I need to be strong for Jake now.

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