Thirty days and thirty nights of writing?

How hard could that be?

But that little nagging voice inside my head keeps saying,

"Just you wait and see."

50,000 words in a month,

That's no sweat.

I will bet you anything

That I can do more than that.

It is already October,

And I have my outline done.

Now, I just have to sit and relax

And wait for the fun.

November 1st comes,

And I can finally start writing.

I jump to my computer

And frantically start typing.

So many words come out,

So many things my characters can say and do.

This is going to be easier than I thought,

But how little I knew.

Thousands and thousands of words come out,

And my plot begins to thicken.

There is no way I am going to quit,

The people that do are chicken.

A few weeks in,

And I finally hit my wall.

My word count has stayed the same

And all my ideas begin to fall.

I only have half of my words,

And not enough plot to finish it.

I really don't know how people do this,

I am about ready to give up and quit.

There is no way I can finish,

But yet, I can't be beaten by book.

So, I muscle up some strength,

And give my story a whole new look.

By the end of the month

I have finally done it.

50,000 words,

And have little to show for it.

I have won,

And that is all that matters,

But after a month with no sleep,

A nap sounds so much better.

After a month of novel writing,

I only learned one thing.

Writing novels isn't for everyone,

And I should stick with poetry.