(emphasis on very)

I'm informing everyone that Book 2 of The Bully Series, Sleeping with a Bully, John's story, is up and running and finished.

Also, The Bully's First Love, Book 3 of The Bully Series and Rohan's story is currently ongoing. Updates are every Thursday, unless I die, game too much or party too hard that I forget.

My Twitter and Tumblr are also in my profile in case you want to be more updated. There are other stories that I wrote there too. As a bonus, I've also written One Night, also up and finished, in my Tumblr that features Sophia, Leon, John and Terry one-shots set months before the first book ever happened.

And guys, a better version of The School Bully can be found on www dot ficfun dot com. I've just been invited to repost on Ficfun and I just did. I even won an award. (*^▽^*)

A better version of Sleeping with a Bully will also be posted on Ficfun. It's still ongoing there though.

Don't worry, I'll still post here if you still prefer this site, although it's easier to edit on Ficfun. Editing chapters here is no fun at all, I tell you. And... I need a little money. I'm going to Japan next year so I need funds. So I need views on Ficfun, lol.

So this is what I'm going to do in my next updates. I'll be posting chapters ahead on Ficfun. If you'd rather read early, then you can choose to do so there.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading my stuff! I may not have the time to read all of them but just know that most of them crack me up. (*^▽^*)

See you in my succeeding stories! Love you guys! (๑°꒵°๑)・*