I heard the door downstairs slam, screaming following in suit. This was no rare occurrence. No in fact this happened almost everyday to be truthful. My brother and dad loved to see who would scream the loudest, like an Italian family who would see who could talk the loudest in a restaurant. But I was used to the fighting by now, all though it hurt to see how broken this family was.

My mother wouldn't even try to intervene with the situation, seeing how that could possibly only make things worse after all. We all tried to stop the fighting, but it seemed to only make things worse so we all just backed off, including my other sibling who are all grown and moved out. They almost seemed to find anything and everything to argue about, even things that seemed not humanly possible to argue about. Things such as where the milk should be, or how to fold the towels.

But now days I find a way to ignore their mindless rambling, and pointless arguing. I just put in some ear phones, and then i'm in my own perfect little world. Which in fact I was doing right now; Listening to loud music. It always seems to do the trick, epically when its screamo. I could honestly listen to any genre of music, as long as its English I find it enjoyable.

I started counting the cracks in the dingy, molded ceiling. I always came up with a different number, maybe it was because a new crack came up. I always wondered who lived in this house before us. Was it a young couple who grew old together along with the house. Or maybe it was some meth addicts, seeing how the house was very unkempt.

10 minutes passed before I knew it and I was already spacing out. That usually happens when I drown myself in my inner thoughts, but I like to brood on the mysteries in life. I always wondered why we were placed here. Do we have some sort of destiny? Or is life some sort of torture from god. Now days I think its the latter.

I sighed as I sat up in my squeaky bed, grimacing at the loud sound. It was a cheap thing, but I was just thankful I had some where to rest my head at night; Unlike the majority of the neighborhood I lived in. I felt my back pop in protest as I stood up and walked over to the door. I opened the door ajar and peeked through the crack, and listened to see if either my brother or dad was home at the moment. Silence. I slipped out the door and closed the squeaky door behind me.

I tiptoed down the stairs, trying not to make any sound. When I reached down stairs my dad was passed out asleep on the old, musky couch which was a very ugly color of light brown. He was snoring obnoxiously loud. As I snuck passed him and into the kitchen where my mom was currently looking over papers. Seeing the stressed look on her face, I guessed they where bills awaiting to be paid.

I walked over to the cracked, stained table to see I was indeed correct. She didn't notice me until I pulled the chair out from underneath the table, which made a loud screeching noise as it scraped against the yellow stained titled floor. She flinched at the sudden sound, but didn't move from her hunched over position.

"You know, if you keep hunching over like that you're going to have serious back issues in the future..." I told her; commenting on her position. She snorted and looked up at me, over the rim of her glasses that were slipping to the edge of her pointed nose.

"Too late for that, buttercup." She replied going back to looking over the bills. I smiled at her and looked over her features that were currently scrunched up in concentration. She was a pretty woman. In her late 40's and barely had any wrinkles, which I hope is genetic for me in the future. She kept up with her short hair, dying it her natural dark brown hair color so the gray strands of hair didn't show her age.

Unlike me she was tan, a natural tan that seemed to complement her features. To say for the most part my brother got her looks, while I had my dads medium pale skin that was seemingly impossible to tan. I wasn't complaining though. I have always preferred the pale skin to the tan.

I shifted into the wooden chair across from her, and sighed out my nose. She looked me over and took off her glasses.

"Why don't you go to Mary's?" She asked leaning back into her chair casually. My parents usually did this, but they never really understood that sometimes I liked to be left alone in silence. Reading a good book or listening to my music.

I huffed and crossed my arms,"Mary is not home today. I thought I already told you this last week, mom. Her parents are on vacation and they decided to bring her." Her not listening to me didn't bring me surprise, or she just forgot due to her absent mind. Though it never bothered me that she was as old as she was, actually it was more of a privilege. I could do a lot and she wouldn't care, or she would just be asleep.

She shrugged and lifted from her chair; heading towards the fridge. I watched her as she poured orange juice into a clear glass and brought it to me. She smiled and poured herself a glass, "Well you know how I am at this age," She sat back down and took a sip of her orange juice, "Clueless and forgetful."

I smiled and lifted the glass to my lips, "Yeah well, I don't see the clueless part seeing how you never let me out the house..." It was true. I mean the only time I was able to do anything at all besides going to some of my close friends house was when she was asleep or at work.

The smile slipped from her face aging face as she placed her glass down, "Scout, you know I have reasons," She slipped her glasses back on, "And I let you do things all the time." She told me, going back to looking over the bills.

I shifted uncomfortably in my chair, "Yeah reasons you never tell me..." I mumbled into my glass. She never told me anything, as to why she is very over protective over me, or to why she doesn't treat my brother like this. I always thought it was because I was her favorite, but I was too old to believe that now.

Her snapped up to meet mine, " I'm sorry. What was that?" She snapped, startling me for a second. I shook my head ignoring her question. She sighed through her nose, "Look Scout I'm not in the mood for this right now. Just go talk to your brother or something."

I nodded and put my glass inside the sink. I looked back at her once more before walking up the soft, stained stairs. I decided to go against her idea and walked into my bedroom, where the sun was currently shining brightly through, lightening the room.

I collapsed onto my bed, and pulled a book that was stashed under my bed for future reading. 'To kill a mocking bird.' it was relativity boring book, but I found interest in it due to the characters name. My name.

I had gotten 15 minutes into the book until I started dozing off, dreaming about a perfect world.