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The beautiful people: Marylin Manson

I felt The rough gravel under my feet, and the sound the rush of a near by waterfall. Everything here was beautiful. The sun hit my pale skin, causing my skin to redden a bit at the contact. The trees loomed over my small frame, causing most of the sun to be blocked from my vision. This place looked familiar, but i couldn't place a finger on it. My dark hair whipped around as the wind sped up. I bagan walking to a nearby oak to block some of the cold wind from my direction. The white dress I was currently wearing was lashing around my body; tangling in the process.

The birds were no longer singing; instead crows were coming from different directions. My hair was blocking my vision as I tried to see were the mysterious birds were coming from. Before I knew it I was falling in a deep hole.

I woke with a start. My heart was beating like a wild bird caged up; trying to escape. I sat up while rubbing the last remains of my dreams out of my eyes. I never had dreams so vivid and so... dark like. But a dream is a dream and nothing more sadly.

I walked towards the kitchen hoping to find something eatable in the roach infested house I called home. I opened the fridge silently in hopes of not waking up neither of my parents, or brother. It was currently summer vacation; which I am extremely thankful for. But the problem was the food. We had close to nothing, and the only thing we had was leftover mushed carrots from months back. And we wonder why there were roaches. But I can't say much we were all too lazy to clean anything, including me.

We all kinda gave up after my brother and father developed a rocky relationship, and my mother recently had a miscarriage who were twins. Which to make things worse were not even my dads children. Maybe that's what caused the issues in the house; my mother. I would never call her a slut, nor tramp. But she does scream them so I cant say much about that. Thigh it may sound harsh, but I can't really say I love anyone in this house. Well except for my mutt Lucy. But that's about it sadly.

I always wished I could've had a real family who would go on camping trips, and go to the beach whatever. But sadly My family are a bunch of bums. But even I know I'm lazy, but I try to make this work; like my mother. But it takes a whole family to try. Maybe when I'm older and I move out, I'll marry a nerdy guy and settle down in Canada with cute kids and a dog whose name is Lucy.

But sadly for now I have to suck it up meet life halfway.

As I sat in my room eating a bag of Cheetos I found in the back of my pantry I heard tap at the front door. I sat confused for a second thinking who would come to my place at 10 at night. I put the bag of my least favorite snack as i started to my bedroom door creaking it open. I jumped when whoever knocked again, startling me from the loud sound that echoed around the house.

I looked over to my parents bedroom; surprised that they did not awake at the sudden sound. But then again they were always hard sleepers thanks to working late shifts and double jobs. And that was just to pay the monthly bill for the house note.

I was still confused on as to why this person was knocking at my door this late. They knocked again, which caused me to almost trip down the stairs. As I neared the door I peered through the peep hole. Nothing. I wasn't surprised. We always had idiot teenagers who were a bit older than me thinking it was oh so funny to play 'ding dong ditch'. Please that game was for minors with no sense of humor what so ever in mind.

As I started walking towards the stairs the knock sounded again. I sighed at the immaturity of the morons and unlocked the latch that kept predators out. I opened the door to see nothing but darkness and flies trying to enter my house. I opened the door wider and stepped out; closing the door behind me.

"Real funny you pricks. Now if you don't mind some people are trying to sleep." I waited for a reply which I got nothing in return. Thinking they gone home I turned around to walk back inside to finish my snack. I turned the knob. It was locked. I tried turning it, but to no avail I was stuck outside. I could go ahead and bang on the door, but that's if I want my ass chewed out for going outside trying to 'sneak out' or answering the door to a complete stranger. So either way it was a lose-lose situation.

I felt mosquitoes and other bugs on me as I swatted them away as best as I could. I always hated bugs, save from a few. But the majority I hated with burning passion in my heart.

"Why on earth would god put fucking bugs on earth?" I snarled to myself; getting fed up with the damn things.

"I could ask the same thing." A calm voice echoed around me into the darkness.

I stopped fighting the flies, going pale as the voice continued talking.

"Such nasty creatures. Wouldn't you say the same thing, Scout." The dark voice sent chills up my spine, and seemed to keep me locked in place before I could gather the courage to speak to the unknown voice.

"I...Who are you?" My voice came as a weak attempt to sound fearless, instead came as a cracked whisper.

The voice laughed a low smooth laugh. I could feel myself shaking as I tried to keep myself still.

"Wouldn't you like to know, dear?" I could see the outline of a male figure, "But you see, dear. Its not who am I. It's what am I?"