This is for all the times you called me family and took me in,

This is for always lovin me like I was one of your kin.

This is for letting me stay that summer in the shed,

This is for savin me when I otherwise would've been dead.

I didn't earn that roof and I didn't work for that food,

I didn't love your daughter right; I ended up as just some dude.

I didn't give back the respect that you always showed me,

So this is for all you did that didn't have to be.

This is for the love of new things that y'all taught to me,

This is for all the new puppies, kitties and babies I got to see.

This is for helping someone who never deserved it,

This is for always believing I was worth it.

I'm sorry for the lies and all the tears she cried,

I'm sorry for the way I left her feelin like someone had died.

I'm sorry for breaking her heart and destroying your trust,

So this is something I want to do and something I must.

This is for you Mama Brady for always lifting me up,

This is for you Baby Brady for always fillin my cup.

This is for all of your clan, the young & the old,

For all the pain I caused I hope this warms the cold.

I miss y'all so much but I know that doesn't matter.

I hate the way I left; I acted mad as a Hatter.

She might not wanna read this so Mom please just tell her this:

I love you Baby Brady and every day you're the one I miss.

A/N: This is dedicated to Charly Brady and her family. She used to be my best friend, my sister practically and we lost all that over a man, over sex, over petty bullshit that never should've happened. I miss her everyday. I'm sending this poem to them soon so I'd love some feedback. Charly if you're reading this I miss you and I'm so sorry for everything. Well R/R thanks laters!

~Sexy Sammy

Love, Luck, and Lollypops ;)