These are technically lyrics to go along with a story I'm writing about a young woman who wants to get rid of her 'child star' image. I'm more of a poet than a song writer, so any and all help/criticism is greatly appreciated.

I'm screaming in a language

no one seems to understand

I've been caught between heaven

and a cold and lonely hell.

Now I've forgotten what it's like

to dream my own dreams

cause your eyes flash like lights

and they're blinding me.

Suddenly I blinked and it's been seven years

seven wasted years too long.

and I'm so tired and I'm so lonely

I pretend this is what I want.

So I'll keep screaming til you start listenin

cause what's a life lived this way?

That I'd give up everything just for a minute

just a single second

you'd hear what I say