Anna's Orchard

Anna loved fruits and honey. She approached her mother one afternoon and asked if she could tend to a portion of the apple orchard on their farm. Her mother decided that the responsibility would be good for her, so she agreed. Anna read up on anything and everything pertaining to apple orchards that she had not yet learned from experience on the farm, and then she set to work.

She planted a row of new trees and set up several new bee colonies in the corner of the orchard. That was already a lot of work for one day! After some time, she trimmed the trees to shape them as they grew and checked her bees regularly to make sure the Queen was still there.

During the autumn and winter months, she gave her bees pollen patties and fed them sugar water to make sure they had enough food to survive the winter. Because it was cold, the bees never left their home during the winter. She also used oil sprays to prevent pests from killing her trees.

When spring arrived, the apple tree blossomed and her bees were happy to attend to them. The small flowers were so beautiful and made her trees look so big and soft! She fertilized her apple trees and checked her bees to make sure there were no mites. When there were, she coated the colony with powdered sugar and the mites dropped right off!

When winter returned, she traipsed out into the snow to prune her trees and feed her bees. It was hard, but she knew it would keep her bees and trees healthy. And as her trees grew, so did she!

One day, she returned home from school and plopped down in a chair at the kitchen table.

"Mama," she lamented, "growing fruit trees and raising bees is hard! And I haven't even gotten any fruit or honey yet."

"You will," her mother assured her. "But you have to be patient and keep working."

Anna didn't always want to be patient. She wanted apples and honey!

"But I don't want to be patient!" she whined.

"Then you won't get apples and honey," he mother replied.

So Anna maintained her routine of raising her bees and growing apple trees. Eventually, she saw something in the leaves of one of the trees – a small apple! It was starting to ripen! She ran into her house and said "Mama! Mama! The trees are growing apples!"

"I told you they would," her mother smiled.

As it turned out, there were many apples on her trees. The apples grew bigger and redder as summer arrived. Anna cheerfully picked them as they ripened, and soon discovered her bees had made lots of honey! She harvested this as well and drained the honey into a container. Soon, she came to realize that she had a large bucket worth of sweet honey and baskets upon baskets of apples.

"I think it would be simply fun to enter these in the county fair!" she told her mother.

"What a great idea!" said her mother. "I'm sure they will do very well."

And they did: her apples and honey both won a first place ribbon, and so did her honey-roasted apple pie, which she soon became well-known for. She was often asked by her friends and family members to make these pies, and she was so proud to have accomplished something that made people happy.

When Anna grew up, she grew apples and raised bees and made these pies for a living, and the whole county loved them! She even opened up a small shop that carried her goods: Anna's Orchard.