Simple Improvements to Fiction/Press

Abolish the 'sort by review number function'. The idea that a book or story should be read because other people read it is pernicious and pointless. Is one hundred people of no taste, little knowledge and limited vocabulary saying 'luved chapter' sufficient grounds for reading a story? Of course not. Is a careful and thoughtful critique over 500 words sufficient grounds for not reading a story? Of course not. It comes down to what the review says, and the only way to know that is to read the reviews.

Do I check the review count of any story? Of course not. Do I check any of the numerical data offered on the browse page? Yes: word count. I am of the opinion that all numerical data except the word count should be closely held: ie, be available only to the author. If a reader insisted on knowing how many reviews a story received, she could count them, one by one.

Enable more 'all but not' functions in Fiction/Press searches. fanfic has many more options for exclusion than we do. Bring Fiction/Press up to par with fanfic by allowing 'all but not' RPG or 'all but not' Private in forum searches. Allow 'all but not' K - K Plus searches for stories. 'All but not' T and M searches are already enabled: Search K- K Plus is the equivalent. Searchers for discussion forums and T - M rated stories are at a disadvantage and currently must wade through pages of vapid RPG forums or stories written for children.

Enable mixed fonts within stories, beyond simple italics and underline: Courier New and Arial for example. This would be helpful dealing with block quotes or multiple speakers in different languages. I suggest mixed fonts rather than colored text or background. Variable margins for block quotes would be appreciated. Current work-arounds, like centering, are awkward and time consuming to construct.