In a country with no heroes, no love, and most of all, no happiness, there is no reason for

life. At least that's what 12-year-old Carter Frazier thinks as she looks over the results of

that year's Blood Harvest. Each year, in a city harshly ruled by corrupt politicians, each

family was required to produce one person for a sacrifice to the "great government." The

only way that a sacrifice could survive was to retrieve a gem at the very bottom of an

active volcano. The sacrifices were not allowed to fight. It was a matter of speed.

Only one sacrifice had survived in history. This year, Carter's father was

taken, but he tried to escape and was now in prison. The next year, Carter herself would

be sacrificed. A voice called to her across the room. It was Isabel, Carter's 11-year old

sister, her last surviving family member. "Carter? What are we going to do, now that

Father's gone?" asked Isabel in a soft lilt. Carter turned. "We'll have to wait and see. We

need food first. Take a few dollars and go to the store. Use as little as you can."

Isabel nodded and walked the back room, and came out with 9 or 10 dollars clutched in

her hand. She smiled quick at Carter, then left the house. I won't be able to stand it when

I leave, thought Carter sadly. And what will Isabel do without me? These thoughts

repeated over and over in Carter's head, almost driving her insane. Then there were three

slow knocks on the door. "Isabel?" Isabel walked inside quickly, with a bag, and shut the

door. The second the door shut fully Isabel panicked. "Carter! There are police just a few

blocks away heading towards us! They want to get revenge for Father almost escaping!"

The last few words rose in pitch, and Isabel began to cry. Carter soothed her. "Isabel,"

she whispered."It's fine, but we need to run. We'll make it out alive." Isabel's tears

lessened, and she stood up slowly, but it was obvious that she was still about to cry

again. Carter grabbed her by the arm and they ran as quick as they could out the back.

That's where it all went wrong.


A gunshot pierced the quiet air.


Another one.

Isabel screamed. Carter tightened her grip on her sister's arm and increased her pace.

They were running toward a tall, abandoned building in the distance. A policeman

swerved in front of then. Isabel reached into her bag and threw an object at the

policeman. He fell to the ground. "What was that?" Carter yelled over the wind.

"It was an apple!" Isabel yelled back. Carter nodded, but was suspicious. They were

approaching the building. Then, their luck really fell.


The building in front of them collapsed. A policeman had thrown a grenade at a weak spot

in the structure. The sisters turned, surrounded. The cheif walked up to them. He slapped

Carter brutally. "Come with me." He handcuffed them both, then dragged them away.

Carter and Isabel both passed out.

When Carter woke, she was in a cell, alone. Wondering where Isabel was, Carter was

awoken by the heavy breathing and moaning of the prisoner across from them. She put

her head in her knees and fell back to sleep. What Carter didn't know was that Isabel

had been pacing her cell for hours, wondering what was happening, before finally falling

into a restless sleep. Night after night passed, with no sign of being let free. The only

humans seen by the sisters were the guards that brought them food, and the prisoners

across from them. But one night, it all changed. Isabel and Carter, blindfolded, were

taken to a room and sat down. The chief policeman, the one that had slapped Carter,

was looking at them from across the table. "So, girls," he said arrogantly. Carter stood

up angrily. "WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH US, AND WHERE IS OUR FATHER?!," she yelled.

Two guards ran up to her and forcefully made her sit down. "Be quiet, or this could get

unpleasant." The chief's tone had turn to a snarl. "Now, we are

going to ask some questions. Our first one; Where is your father?" This time, Isabel was

standing up."In prison," she spat."Because of you!" The same two guards ran up to her,

but they didn't make her sit. They dragged her out of the room, covering her mouth.

Carter was horrified, but tried not to show it. She must have succeeded, because the chief

kept talking.

"Now, as I was saying, where is your father?" Carter was confused. "He's in prison!," she

said, but this time it was weak and pathetic. The policeman laughed. "You know that's not

true. He escaped!" Suddenly hope rose in Carter. Would they find him sitting in the chair

at home, hugging them as they came in? "...I don't...I don't know!," Carter whispered.

The chief grimaced. "Well, then we'll have to put you in the Pit with your sister..."

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