The Sick Mouse

Ralph was a mischievous mouse. He could squeeze right through the bars of the cage and escape! He

loved to show off his talents, and when his owners didn't notice his escape, he would throw decorations

off the table to get their attention. He was very beloved, but a very big nuisance!

Ralph also had four brothers: Tater, Fred, Galilei, and the little runt Tom. They all admired Ralph and

his ability to escape and wreak havoc in the family household. Sometimes Tater would escape with him

and they would have great adventures together! But when Tater grew big enough, he wasn't so good at

escaping, and Ralph was on his own.

One day, Ralph wasn't feeling well. When he slept in, all his brothers asked what was wrong.

"I don't know," Ralph replied. "But I feel sick."

His brothers also noticed that he looked a little thin. Tater took charge of grooming him and keeping

him company by sleeping beside him. Sometimes another brother would even sleep on the other side

and sandwich Ralph in the middle!

Ralph knew that he was very loved. His brothers shared their food with him, kept him groomed and

looking handsome, and kept him warm and comfortable by sleeping on each side of him. Any

disagreements they had ever had didn't matter at that point, because what mattered to them was

taking care of Ralph.

Their owner soon realized that Ralph was sick and how well his brothers took care of him. She was so

proud to see the love between them. Who knew that five young mice would be such a great example of

brotherhood and friendship?

As it turned out, Ralph was sick for quite some time. Even so, his brothers and hi owner looked after

him without getting tired of it. And that is was love is all about: looking after someone else!