Chapter 1

Elena Martin woke up shivering with anticipation. Today was the day; the first day of the rest of her life. Sound daunting? It was. Elena sat up pulling off her patchwork quilt and gazed around her small dark room. She spotted her third grade trophy that read Elena Martin – Neatest Organizer and her old rickety rocking chair in the corner. This is it she thought, this is the last time I wake up to this.

Daniel Barker awoke to the sound of whooping down the hall. He could make out the voice of his friend Evan Norsden shouting with excitement over the games. Rubbing his eyes, Daniel threw off the silky comforter he had been sleeping under and gazed one last time at his room. His very first BB gun sat untouched in the corner behind his flat screen TV accompanied by his slingshot and soccer ball. Goodbye old friends Daniel thought as he stood to get dressed.