"I want to touch you," was Hazel's request
With a fiery temper and flailing red hair
The beauty before her transcended earthly definition
"But I cannot leave," grieved heavenly Eve
With the voice of a child and the appearance of an angel
"From this sacred domain I must not stray

Yet soon hesitation subsided and temptation prevailed
And with the caress of profane flesh, the passage was complete
Eve felt the wild wind ravage her now mortal skin
Her long lavish hair brutishly battering her face
Hazel laughed and beckoned her embrace
"With this cool breeze I feel at ease"

An unyielding crust greeted Eve's grasp
Hazel's skin, thick, rigid and crisp
But beneath that layer of resilience throbbed a deeper core within
A hot pulse of passion, an animal instinct, a defiant lust for life
"Come," Hazel said, "there is so much to see"
And her divine companion followed her away

Over mountains they climbed, and descended through valleys
But with every step, Eve, more out of breath
Finally her heaving legs gave way beneath her
"I cannot proceed," she cried, wilting to the ground
"Oh my bones ache so, barely can I move"
"But I don't understand," said Hazel, "I feel fine"

Nearby the eroded rocks gave way where a stream thrust its way through
"Have a drink," Hazel urged, "the water will refresh"
And with a single, swift motion scooped a clear, crisp mouthful to her lips
Pristine, unblemished skin ruptured deep on the crags
As Eve dragged her weary mass onto the bank
From the stream her hand returned a vile and unsanitary brown

Soon a wild mist descended trapping Eve in its tentacles
Hazel reached out to her, "take my hand, I'll guide you"
Eve took hold, her whitened skin a blade of ice
But unable to grip, she fell hard on the rocks
"I must get back, I must get back, but I can't; I cannot return"
Hot tears of blood serenaded Eve's whimpers, melting into the earth