Hold The Stone!
Colossians 2:14-15

The first dusk came
Thick darkness swirling
The heavens strained
Earth bowed in mourning
The legions of Hell rallied that night
Convening there to amass their might
"Ready the defense!"
"Prepare for war!"
"Each one come hence!"
"Guard the door!"

The second night there
The devils had faith
Trembling with fear
Holding fast the gate
Every hand in the garden provided its power
Guarding Satan's domain 'til the appointed hour.
"Take courage my kin!"
"Follow me! I am god!"
"We must win!"
"On this sacred sod!"

Night three arrived
With anxious devotion
The plan they contrived
Was set in tedious motion
These last few hours, the final stand!
"Let us hold him here! The Son of Man!"
"Hold fast! Hold fast!"
Satan strained to command!
"We shall see at last
The fruit of our hands!"

The heavens of heavens held its breath.
The Lord Jesus Christ conquered death!

The third day concluded
The stone flew from the door!
Every hand Satan hired
Had power no more!
"Death has been conquered by the Savior's command!
"Rally around the throne! Christ's praise demand!
"Sin has lost all might
"Mankind is free!
"He's ended the fight
"For eternity!"