On my own again

alone again

hopes for the day run out from my clenched fist like blood


the essence of life

keeps my heart pumping and moving with less strife


struggles and torments

the invisible pain no one can see

that I have to accept as part of me



who is this girl I see?

i see eyes


eyes that can't decide if they should reflect their owners passion with vivid shades of green

or muddle into the shadows

an ugly shade of brown no one wishes they had seen


what are the things that I have seen?

i'm not quite sure because my mind is trapped in purgatory;

the line between reality and fantasy






what a lovely world it is to be!

i feel the sea of calmness on its shore washing over me

I am not alone here.

there's so much laughter creating a heavy dew in the air there's no need to breathe



and out

make this moment last forever

as you look into my emerald eyes

pull the hair back from my face

and say we'll always be together

but no!

you're melting away

this whole world turns to gray

your slipping,


away from me

as i turn back to reality


it all seems so surreal to me

the buzzing of all the busy bees

can't escape the never ending line of conformity


break down the walls

keeping that world from my sliver in time away from me

or was that just another day dream?

I don't know.

i cry

i don't care

but this time when i cry

my face is not freed from the shadows of my hair

so this time as i stare into space

i think about how reality is such a waste

but then someone grabs my hand

or am i again whisked away to Neverland?

'Not all those who wander are lost.'

- JRR Tolkien