This War in my Head

All I want

Are these voices to go away.

The ones that say I'm not good enough,

That I'm a failure at everything.

I hear them.

They are not only in my voice,

But the voices of other people around me,

The voices that spoke these words long ago.

Their goal is to crush me,

To bring me down,

To make me feel worthless,

And sometimes—

It works.

They keep me up at night

Telling me why should I bother getting up in the morning,

Why should I go out into the world

When the world doesn't want me.

They never seem to stop.

They quiet down here and there

But they are always whispering about me.

I can't make them stop!

I've tried so hard for so long.

They're there,

But I am willing to fight

This war in my head.