I'm in heaven when you kiss Me



Second Contest Story

Susan took a deep breath as she peered out the window of the quick moving tram, a mixture of thoughts filled her head as she watched the bright neon lights of the downtown district pass her by. Slowly she released her breath as she rolling stock car came to a halt. Without saying a word she stood up, placed her purse around her shoulder and stepped toward the exit. As she passed the driver she dropped a few lose coins into collection box. And within seconds she found herself peering toward a long row of road side houses.

Slowly she started toward the house in front of her, the heels of her high heel shoes made a loud clicking noise as she made her way up the concrete stone steps and soon she was peering toward the large brass numbers. A quick mental checked followed to makes sure the string matched the numbers given by her boyfriend of six months. She still found it odd that after six months of dating she was final being invited over to flat, then again he had never been to her own humble cottage she rented in the outer ring.

Once she was certain the numbered matched she knocked upon the door. A few seconds passed before the door came creeping open and the small porch was flooded with light. The cold night air became scented with the smell of cooking beef and freshly picked roses. A odd mixture indeed considering the wares of a near by food vendor populated the air with the smell of day old hotdogs and other odd stuff.

"Hello there Susie, I've been expecting you." Said a voice, the source of the voice soon became clear as a young man around twenty five stepped into the doorway. The main wore a well tailored black four piece suit. His long raven black hair hung lose and a small smile worthy of a fox graced his upper lip. "Well come in, I've been expecting you." He said stepping aside and nodding his head in the directions of the kitchen.

Susan smiled as she steeped up and placed a kissed upon her lovers cheeks, once the kiss had been competed she gave offered him a teasing look and without another word being spoke she stepped into the confines of small flat. The minute her heels crossed the threshold a pleasant warmth embraced her.

"I hope you will find things to your liking, I know this is not your thoughts of a romantic date, but all of the fancy steak and French style restaurants where booked full, so I talked to my friend and he cut me a deal on a pair of prime rib steaks, I'm just about to braze them and put them in the oven to broil. While that is doing I was hopping we could enjoy a small glass of wine and I could show give you a special something, something that will truly make this night memorable for the both of us." He said appearing behind her.

"That sounds wonderful, it really does. I mean its not often that you come across a prime cut of meat, but then again its not often you come across a gentleman such as yourself." Said Susan hanging her pastel pink purse upon the back of a near by chair. A large snow white 'S' had been sewn upon the front. The 'S' as you guess stood for her first name, as middleschoolish as it seemed and appeared there was something cute about it. And that sense of cuteness it was she believed had drawn her boyfriend in at the first place.

A sudden blush colored the fellows cheeks as words of his lovers praised reached his ears, his ears too seemed to flood with color as ghost of a smirk formed upon the bow of his lip. Feeling backed into a corner he reached and ran his fingers through his shoulder length coal black hair. Yes indeed there was something special about this one.

Susan could only giggle as she watched the blush spread from one part of James face to the other, yes there was something cute about a blushing boy, or a boy that was speechless and it made her feel powerful that she had caused that blush. Then she caught sight of those pinking ears, and before she could catch herself she walked over and reached up and gently started to rub the red ears.

"Who's been a good little boy, Kenta's been a good little boy, yes he has, yes he has." She said folding showering the ear this a large amount of attention. There was something about the sight of a handsome follow with blushing ears that made Susan go insane. Maybe because she had always associated blushing ears with humiliation or poutiness? Or maybe a more clear cut answer would be maybe she found it cute and cute things made gush? The possibilities where endless but still one thing was certain she really enjoyed playing with his ears.

Kenta blinked and blinked again as he narrowed his eyes toward Susan, his blush only seemed to deepen as she teased him by rubbing upon his ears. Truth be known he felt more like a pet than a lover the very second she had started to rub his flaming ears, the babyish tone of her voice, a tone of voice somebody would normally use on a puppy was just rubbing salt into the wound. So in order to call her off he reached down and brought his hand down upon her bottom. The swat was well aimed and carried enough sting he hoped to get her attention.

It was Susan's turned to blush once she felt the sting of her Kenta's hand landing upon her bottom, sending a shockwave of sting rolling into her bottom. For a minute a brief mental image of that striking hand wrapping hits long skilled fingers around her bottom and squeezing her round bottom cheeks filled her hand, causing her blush to deepen tenfold. But the message was clear, she withdrew her hand and left his ear in peace.

"Hey that was mean of you!" Said quickly as she felt her blush spreading from cheek to cheek, quickly she folded her hands across her chest and with the air of a spoiled brat the playfully puffed out her cheeks and turned her nose into the air.

"Be careful dear," Chuckled Kenta in response to the little show his lover was putting on. "We don't want to ruin the after dinner show now do we, but if you feel the need to brat off, I will not mind hiking your dress up and pulling you over my lap right now, but this time it will not be my hand that tans that round bottom of yours, it will be Mr. Spoon." He said nodding with his head toward one of the kitchen drawers.

If this was a popular Saturday anime, then a large sweat drop would be appearing behind her forehead. But this was not a popular anime and as such no such sweat drop did appear. But her blush did become a bit more rosy and sudden shyness overtook her as she stepped toward her lover, reached her arms up and pressed her breast to his chest and linked her hands behind his neck.

"I thought we where going to keep that till tonight." She said smiling softy toward him as she moved in for a brief kiss.

Kenta smiled as he reached down and planted the kiss upon his lovers lips and for a few minutes the two lost themselves in a exchange of passionate kiss's. The effect both was seen within seconds, for soon Susan was blushing like a bride at the alter as Kenta's kissed reached deeper into the confines of her mouth. And Kenta in turn felt like a noble prince, having just swept his princess off her feet and into her arms and was sealing there future marriage with a quick kiss. Finally after a few minutes the two broke apart.

"I'll fetch the wine my dear, and put the steaks on the griddle," He said looking down into her sapphire pink eyes with his round coal black ones. There was a powerful energy rationing from his eyes, you know the kind of energy that made a girl go weak in the knees and made her feel her heart jump with winged feet.

"Okay, but you please help me out of my coat?" Said Susan still blushing deeply as she held up the sleeve of her coat. She took a deep breath as she waited for her prince to come to her aid, yes it was his place to wait upon her hand a foot for tonight was a very special night. And as her mother had told her once when she stood on the cusp of women hood, 'When you've found the man that will be your husband you must, keep your eye upon him. You must test him and you must prove your worth my daughter. Because anything worth having is worth fighting for.' And even after all these years, her words still rung true in her head,

"With pleasure my dear," He said walking over to the place where Susan stood. And with a well practiced hand he helped her to remove the long sleeve, snow white jacket that she wore. Once the jacket had been removed and folded up did he feast his eyes upon the picture perfect image of a goddess that stood before him.

"I think, you might like what you see," Said Susan smiling as she peered over her shoulder and offered Kenta a suggestive wink. Susan had dressed herself to impress tonight for she had with a lot of effort on her part squeezed herself into a strapless cocktail dress that reached just below her shin. Her long coco brown hair had been styled up in a classic ponytail and a pair of mock diamonded ear rings aided in adding a classic air to her appearance. A pair of black leather high heels shoes rounded out the outfit.

The only response Kenta would offer to Sue's teasing was a little wink before he started about preparing dinner. The savory smell of searing beef filled the air for a time before the steaks where moved into the oven to broil for a bit. The fruity smell of a good aged wine soon added its own perfume to the air as the cap was unscrewed and a near by class was filled with the dark crimson beverage.

Susan could just smile at wink Kenta offered her. The smell of the cooking beef, along with the smell of the wine really added a sense of magic to scene playing out before her. It was hard to summon up in words how she felt, it was kind of like being a princess, since she was at the center of Kenta's attention and she loved being at the center of things when he was around and another part of her felt like she was a women looking for a piece of beef, as she was measuring everything and anything about him.

"Here," Kenta said turning from his preparations of dinner and offering her a smile, he held a glass of wine in his hand, "Something for my princess to sip on while the main course his being prepared." He said easing the wine glass down before her and offering her a wink. And with that being said he returned to cooking the dish.

Susan blushed a little as she peered toward the offered wine, there was something strange about this, strange in a good way, the once very proud tomboy was starting to find that she liked being treated like a princess, in fact one could go as far as saying she enjoyed the attention Kenta was pouring out upon her. Slowly she swirled the wine around a bit and just because she had seen the act repeated in countless movies and noonday drama's she lowered her noise into the wine glass and sniffed it, once she had taken her sniff she then took a small sip. She took a fair minute to savor the taste of the wine upon her lips and to get a good feel for the year and the flavor.

"Does the wine meet you meet your graces approval? Asked Kenta in a teasing tone of voice as he noticed Susan tasting the wine and balancing the flavor upon the tip of her tongue. Quickly he reached inside of the oven and gave the steaks a quick mental judgment. After a brief few minutes he took a deep breath and reached for a near by hot pad and with his hand safety covered he reached into the oven and pulled out the two steaks.

"Steaks are ready," He said setting them aside as he reached into the kitchen cabinets and pulled out two stone plates. Quickly he transferred the steaks to the plates, once the steaks where safety on the plates they where moved toward the table. What appeared to the largest one went toward Susan since tonight was her special night and the what appeared to the smallest one went to Kenta.

"Wow it looks pretty good," Said Susan as she peered toward her steak, she was halfway through her glass of wine and a healthy blush now shown upon her cheeks. Quickly she reached over and unfolded her napkin and spread it upon her lap and once her silverware was in place she waited for her lover to join her in there special feast.

"Well I am a pretty decanted cook when I put my mind toward it." Said Kenta in a boastful tone of voice, slowly he took a deep breath as he took his seat, once his napkin had been placed in its proper position and his silverware had been property placed he made the sign of the cross.

The meal for the most part had been spent in silent. Only the sound of meats being cute, wine glass's being filled and air, though the amount of information exchanged with the eyes was enough to fill countless volumes for with her sapphire pink eyes, Susan took the delightful chore of removing bit my bit of his clothing with her mind, first starting with his tie, then his shoes and socks, then his coat and with her lips locked to hers she would remove each button.

Once every button had been removed and his dress shirt torn from his body she would then remove his belt from around his waist and once the belt was tossed to the side, she would force her hands down the waistline of his pants and with a forceful jerk she was pulled those down, then still kissing him, she would reach her hands down into his boxers and once her hand was in that warm moist space, she would reach over and stroke with loving hand his long hard shaft. Making it ready for her when the after dinner play commenced.

And to his credit as well, Kenta spent most of the evening leaning back in his chair, peering toward Susan with lustful eyes as he pictured his hands reaching into the folds of her dress or better yet wrapping themselves around her waist and reaching up and slowly bringing the zipper down till the piece of fabric just fell down and pooled around her legs, Then those shoes of hers would come off and the panties as well. And once she was naked as the day she was born he would command that she undress him like any good slave would do.

Because yes they enjoyed playing those kind of games, there where times in there relationship that he became the loving master, the one that always took to a keen interest in his 'slaves' and making sure there needs both spiritual, mental, physical and emotional was meet on a daily bases, after all this was just that a game.

"My dear, since the dinner part is about to draw to a end soon, I think its only right I give you this now. Happy Valentines day my dear, hopefully next year we will celebrating this holiday as husband and wife." He said reaching under the table and pulling out small box wrapped in light pink wrapping paper. A card had been fastened to the bow that set in the middle.

Susan blinked as she reached over and took the box from Kenta's hands. Slowly a small smile graced her face as she looked down in her lap, she felt a little shameful for she had no gift to give him in return. Slowly she placed the box upon her lap and with a sudden backwards jolt she moved her chair back to give herself a little space to work with.

"Thank you my dear, but I'm afraid I have nothing to give you in return. Please forgive my rudeness." She said offering him a bittersweet smile as the foul words rolled off her tongue and sailed passed her teeth. She then steeled herself to the icy response that was bound to whispered to her in return for her carelessness.

Kenta blinked and softy he chucked a little as he peered toward his young lover, he had been expecting this, after all the women came from good ol' Nippon stock.

"My dear, you need not be sorry, for ever day I'm around you I feel more and more alive, I feel my cold heart melt away and I feel loves sweet embrace drape a warming blanked around me. Be at peace and open your gift you silly little girl." He responded in a tone of voice that was both warm and teasing.

Susan blinked and blinked again as she looked down at the box, quickly she drew in a deep breath and with trembling hands she removed the top of the box and there resting upon the soft satin folds that line the box could be seen a long cord of sakura pink silk and a paddle was resting upon the silken cord and upon the paddles surface was a freshly cut rose. There was not a word powerful enough in the English tongue to tell how meek and mild Susan felt as she peered down at the gifts.

"Thank you, thank." She said looking toward Kenta with a little smile.

"I'll take the box now, you will find the second half of your gift waiting for you in the masters bathroom, once you've changed into your special outfit. I demand your presents in my room for a little foreplay is that understood." He paused as he weighed the words upon the tip of his tongue. These word powerful words and the way they where delivered could mean the difference between getting some and having her walk out on you in a beat of the heart. "Slave."

The minute the last spoken word reached Susan's ear was the minute she was pushed over the edge, despite having a strong tomboyish flare about her. A flare so strong it often defined her and overshadowed her girly side. But having that word spoken to her, in that loving tone of voice made her heart yearn for his strong touch, to enter into his control and to surround everything to him. For he was her loving and kind master.

"Yes master," She said taking the box in her hand and folding it to her chest, once the box was folded to her breast she stood up and made her way toward the masters bathroom. Soon she reached the title paved bathroom and once there she stepped into its confines. She looked over her shoulder and lowed behold there rested upon the bathroom door a very revealing red velvet night gown that would only reach down to her shin.

Susan's heart fluttered as she walked up to the nightie, slowly she took the fabric into her fingers and with a careful touch she started to rub the soft material between her two fingers. Slowly a small smile started to cross her face as she reached up took hold of the zipper that held her dress together, slowly she started to bring the zipper down till the once tight fitting dress was free enough for her to step out of. Then came her shoes.

Once she was as nude as the day she had been born she reached up and took the night gown into her hands, slowly the night gown found itself down upon her waist, a sudden chill passed through her body as she soft satin came into contact with her flushing skin. Once the night gown had been draped over her body a great joy took hold as she noticed the extra padding around the breast gave her own modest breast a good deal of lift. This lift not only gave a boost to her appearance but also to her confidence and made her feel like a true women.

Once she was dressed, and her other dress had been put away she reached down and picked up the box and then with her head held high the started toward the masters bedroom. The walk took all of a minute and a half but once she reached the room her breath was taken away. For the sight that greeted her was like something straight from a trashy romance movie or one of those cheap porn novels soul at the local Fred's or Dollar General.

For a dozen or so candles had been lit and now sat scattered around the room in varies key locations. The air had been sweeten with a sweet perfume and upon the four posted bed there lay a hundred or so rose petals lay scattered upon the folds of the beds and upon the soft pillows. And there in the middle of the room there sat her love. He had stripped down to his boxer. His broad shoulders seemed to shine with a bit of oil and his legs where shaven clean.

Susan blinked and blinked again as he peered toward her love, her eyes fell toward his good strong chest that seemed to have been formed solid granite, every part of his body seemed to well toned and well formed. The only thing Sue could think of was one of the bronze Greek statues that could be found along the docks.

"Please my dear let me have the box," He said holding out his had as his tongue withdrew from its enclave and reached up to wet his upper lip. There was a powerful feeling in the air, one could almost cut the tension in air with a pocket knife.

Susan blinked and slowly she nodded her head as she held out the box to him. And with a graceful movement of the hand he took the box and lifted the top, the top was placed aside. Slowly he reached down and picked up the paddle. He balanced the paddle for a few minutes in the palm of his hand before he placed it down upon the floor. Then came the rose and the silken blind fold and the rose. These items found a place of honor upon his lap. Once everything was in beckoned Susan to come stand in front of him.

The fading blush was given new strength as noticed the beckoning hand, with a quick nod of the head she walked up to her lover and soon she found herself standing in front of him. Her heart racing like a steam mill as she swallowed hard as she watched as the rose being picked up.

"Now here is how the game is going to work my dear, your are going to take this rose into your mouth, I'm going to blind fold you and bound your hands with this cord of silken rope. I'm then going to pull you over my lap and then I'm going to paddle you. When you think you've had enough all you need to do is open your mouth and let the rose drop. Then we shall move onto the main event." Said Kenta holding the rose out to her, "Please be a good slave and bend down and take the rose with your mouth." He added in a voice of sly master.

Slowly Susan to a deep breath as she lowered her head and slowly opened her mouth. The minute her mouth was open was the very minute the rose now turned gag was placed. Quickly she lowered her upper jaw thus clutching the rose between her teeth. Then her wrist was bound tight by the long cords of silk. The blind fold quickly followed and soon the blind fold with its soft folds was put over her eyes hence cutting off the sense of touch.

Susan found this state very exiting as for the first time in her life she found her self totally cut off from one of her main senses. Soon this feeling of being totally helpless would be replaced with one of fear mixed with lust as she found herself being moved across the room. The next thing she felt was the warmth of something on her tummy and then a soothing feeling filled her every being as she felt something firm and warm and a tad bit wet being brushed up to her side. Softy she meowed like a kitten once she the feeling of something strong being laided across her back reached her brain. She was totally locked in now.

Yes that was a good way to put it, she was being locked in for her own safety after all. All rollercoaster's had safety bars and rules to follow and this is what she was on after all, a wild rollercoaster, thought this one did not have a sign telling you how long you had to wait in line. And then it happen, the first swoop of the paddle came crashing down upon her bottom sending a wave of pleasure through her bottom. Kenta was treated to a lovely sight as her round bottom cheeks seemed to bounce up and down once the paddle came sailing in.

Again and again the paddle fell, each stroke was a careful measured aim, each one had been tailored and measure to deliver the right amount of sting and burn, sting that would filter down into the depths of the soul and make it yarn for a more personal touch. There was little Sue could do but sit there and take it, and even though she had the freedom to drop the rose something was stopping her, it was a odd feeling of being loved and of feeling there two souls reaching out connecting with each other.

Kenta could only smile as he took note of the reactions so far, every little meow, every little squeak and even every little touch of her skin brushing up upon his caused him to feel happy deep inside. Cause a sense of love and lust to fill his veins. And caused his shaft to become harder and harder. Yes one could say he was enjoying it.

The minute sue felt his shaft poking into her was the minute she ascended into a virgin level of heaven. Never before had her young body been wrecked with overpowering waves of pleasure and lost that seemed to dive down and touch the very core of her being.

It took all the will power she had to keep the rose held tightly in her mouth, yes part of her wanted to drop the rose and be swept away to a dream land of greater pleaser, but part of her knew that even greater pleasure was waiting for her if she kept holding on, for every minute that ticked by the lovely feel of the sting increased more and more. And with that every increasing tide of sting came very increasing feeling of wetness between her legs.

"Your doing well my dear, I thought by now you would have dropped the rose and we'll be moving onto stage two, but since you've proven yourself worthy thus far, I think its time we got a little personal." Teased Kenta as he placed the paddle down upon the ground. Once his spanking hand was free he started to slowly rub the redden bottom.

After a few seconds of rubbing some of the sting out the bottom, Kenta once more lifted his hand high into the air and quickly brought it down upon Susan's bottom. A loud cracking sound filled the air as flesh came head on with flesh sending yet another powerful wave of sting into the bottom.

Susan almost dropped her rose as she felt the sudden clasp of his hand falling upon her bottom, a sudden chill ran down her spine as she pictured with her minds eye the scene that must be surely playing around them. Forcing a deep breath through her nose and releasing only through the faint openings in her teeth she felt a little of the pressure being released from her nether region.

A wicked little smirk placed across Kenta's face as he drunk in the reaction of his lover, yes there was something powerful at work here. Slowly he cast a eye toward the middle drawer of his bedside table, maybe after tonight would be a good time to ask the question that so haunted his mind. Yes after tonight he would ask the question and if his feelings where true there relationship would be sealed forever and a day.

But true to his nature he put that thought into a little box and with a sign he placed the little box into a little place in his mind. And with is mind cleared of all dissections he turned his full attention to the task at hand. And then for the first time that night he started in earnest to give her the proper warm up spanking she deserved.

Once more, Kenta raised his hand high into the air and then once the hand could go no more it came crashing down with the speed of a mill race, a loud cracking sound once more filled the air as the naked palm of the hand graced the reddish cheeks, sending a hair raising wave of sting into her bottom and bringing with it a dash of color.

That was only a opening shot though, soon his hand was falling at a blinding rate, each stroke brought a fresh crop of sting to her quickly pinking bottom. And like the early summer rains this rain of cracking smacks brought forth the fruits of lust and sexual satisfaction. And soon the color of the bottom was reaching a light reddish color, the color that kinked red with its darker and more dangers cousin crimson.

Susan was now blinded by lust, confused by pleasure and cornered by the tiny bubbles of pleasure that seemed to fill her blood stream, signing deeply she took the only road left open to her, and that was to drop the rose upon the ground and surrounded to the her lovers touch. The rose slowly feel from her mouth and in what must have been the longest three seconds in the whole history of man kind it came into contact with the floor and because a small matter of force must have been acting upon it, it bounced the first time till it finally came to rest.

A pause followed the dropping of the rose, tension was high and both parties where near the states of release, but following natures call Kenta at once reached down and pulled Susan from her laying down position to a position of cuddling. Once his strong arms where wrapped around her neck and his spanking arm was wrapped around his waist he then with a act that bordered on a superhuman display of strength stood up and carried her toward his king size bed.

The next thing Susan would feel would be the softness of the pillow resting under her head and the feel of her lovers strong body pressing down upon her as he reached in to steal a kiss. Waves of pleasure then filled her as her lovers tongue reached into slowly made its away into her mouth and with a gentle firmness made contact with her own tongue. And for several minutes of 'tongue wrestling' the two finally broke off and with the quickness of a boxer Kenta reached down removed the blind fold from her eyes.

There was a look of pure bliss written upon Susan's face, her eyes seemed to twinkle in the faint light of the room and her body seemed to glow like a star in the sky, she seemed to caste a look of wanting with her eyes as they peered into the dark brown orbs of her love. Never before had she felt this sense of connection, this sense that there two souls where in a process of fusing together to become on. It was a feeling that filled her with pride and comfort and above all pleasure in abundance.

"I love you," Said Kenta looking down into Susan's face as he brought up his hand and gently started to stroke her flaming cheeks. As he did this he started to shift his hips around as to angel his shaft into the proper position.

It took Susan several minutes to process this, as her mind was still in a haze, but soon enough the meaning of his words took hold and with a small smile upon her face she opened her mouth to speak, "I love you too, I love you more than anything in this word Kenta." Her tone of voice was soft and lacked any powerful driving force, but the look of love and tenderness that seemed to seep from her eyes was more than enough to convince her lover that her words where true and in away gave him strength to carry.

"Then let us make as lovers do," He said peering down into her eyes as he quickly thrusted it into her. The minute he felt his shaft entering into her was the minute a wave of pleasure washed over him, never before had he felt this much joy, pleasure and a small hint of pain that only enchanted the waves of pleasure that seemed to fill him.

Susan was taken back by the sudden thrust into her womanhood, never before had she felt a mans touch before, never before had she felt the warmth and the joy that came with it. It seemed like part of her was being brought into completion. "O' sweetness." Was the only word she could mutter as she felt the cock going into her, exploring her every inch and breath. It was true magic.

"You feel so good dear, so very good. I think though you need a little more." Said Kenta pinning Susan down by placing his two arms in front of her as he thrusted harder and harder into her, bringing forth waves of pleasure and joy. The tension was running high and it seemed his body was responding well to being inside of another person's body. Yes it was a odd feeling, a very odd feeling.

And the speeded increased so did the waves of pleasure that where traveling through her body, there was no word powerful enough in the English tongue to tell how she felt. Bright colors seemed to fill her head, blinding her and chilling her blood.

And then it happen, sudden chill passed over Kenta's boy and his whole body became rigged for a few minutes a stream of hot cream came shooting out of his tip, the cream busted with the force of a bullet exiting the nuzzle and in a flooding torrent of pressure it flooded into Susan.

Susan could only feel a overpowering sense of pleasure as the she felt her lovers cream flood into her, her cheeks flushed a deep crimson red and a sudden chill passed over her body causing her to shake as it a fever had taken hold of her. Slowly she started to close her eyes as it scene of peacefulness started to over take her.

"I love you," She said sighing deeply as she welcomed the sweet embrace of sleep. "With all my heart and all of thy soul and all thy strength." She added because the line sounded poetic in her head. And with that she feel into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Kenta could only smile as he watched lover fall into a deep sleep. Quickly he reached over and wrapped his strong arms around her naked shoulders like lovers do when there love making is competed he lifted the coverers up and draped them over there bodies.

Susan took a deep breath as she rolled over and at once she was blinded by a sudden ray of light that broke through the curritains of the bedroom window. A few minutes of her nuzzling her pillow followed before she forced herself to toss the covers off the bed. Her mind was hazy and still filled to the brim with small pleasure bubbles, no doubt it would take several minutes before her wit would return to her and the events of last night could be processed.

A few seconds of just thinking passed before she noticed a refreshing smell of freshly brewed coffee and the savory smell of a baking breakfast roll. Her tummy rumbled a little as these smells teased her noise, soon she was following the smells like a women placed under a enchantment. And within a matter of seconds she soon found herself standing in the kitchen..

The first thing her eyes where drawn too was the sight of her lover standing over the stove, a handsome dark blue sleeping robe was wrapped tightly around his slender and well built frame with a blue sash resting easy upon his hips. The smell of frying peppers, roasting garlic and other spices filled the air around him, as small puffs of white steam rose into the air.

"Good morning Kenta-kun." Said Susan walking up behind him and wrapping his arms around his waist, slowly she took a deep breath as she inhaled the scent of his body wash that hung like a blinding cloud around him. The scent was not girly nor was too manly. It was perfect and it reminded her of the sea. She could tell he had just showered for his hair hung around his shoulders in a tangle of brownish locks.

Kenta blinked and blinked again as he felt his lover nuzzling into his backside. Quickly he paused in his cooking and reached over and wrapped his arms around her. Without saying a word he pulled her close to his side. "I was going to bring you breakfast in bed, but it seems your already up and about." He said in a soothing tone of voice.

Susan could not help but blush as her ears picked up on his soften tone of voice and her brain processed the spoken words. She was so taken back by the comment that she could only stand there for a few minutes looking like a deer caught into the headlight of a oncoming car before she could make her brain and mouth line up and work together.

"I would very much like to share a meal with you, if that's okay. Next time you can treat me, and I'll treat you next time." She said smiling a little as she eased her hands around her waist and walked over to the table to take a seat. But then she paused as she turned her eyes toward Kenta, part of her wanted to wait and see what he'll do.

Kenta took a deep breath as he looked over his shoulder, a silly look graced his face as he stopped his cooking and walked over to the small four legged kitchen table. Slowly as any gentleman should he pulled the chair out and smiled for her to take a seat. "There you go, a royal throne for thy lady green sleeve." He said offering a mock bow.

Susan waist little or no time taking the offered seat. It made her feel like a princess and it made her heart grow toward Kenta. There was a little of her father in the boy, from his soft nut brown eyes to his silly little smile he wore every time she was around him and yes even his hand felt like her fathers hands. And on the edge of her mind this phase lingered 'Sons will marry there mothers, daughters will marry there fathers' she never really understood the meaning behind that line.

"Now my dear," Said Kenta once Sue was seated in the seat, "I need you to be a good little girl while I finish cooking breakfast." He said pushing her up and spreading a napkin upon her lap. A glass of orange juice was quickly placed in front of her. Something for her to sip upon while the main meal was being cooked.

"Trust me dear, I'm always a good little girl, unless you give a reason to act naughty." She said reaching over and picking up the glass and slowly she raised the rim to her lips. With the utmost carefulness she took a small sallow.

Kenta blinked and blinked again as a small smirk formed upon the bow of his lip. Yet again here was another reason for the boy to love this girl and cherish her as his own. For you see there was something special about her, she was the right mix of spicy and bold and also sweet and cuddle. A bright pink blush was starting to settle into his cheeks and it would stay there till the food was ready to be served.

And so the day unfolded like any other day, the young couple would sit down and break the fast together. Teasing threats would be passed around, a bit of mild flirting would take place between bites of oranges and toast. And from each others eyes the two young ones would drink the fatal poison known love. For in due time Sue would become his and Kenta would become hers for the events of tonight set in place the corner stone that would lead to the path of marriage hood.