Whispered Touch

By Fabian Cortez

My hair so matted, blended

Sticking to my forehead felt

Strangely comforting

It had been pouring

From early light

To dusks peaceful

Entrance to the


Nothing dour could

Colour my invigoration,

Her scent intoxicated

Me, as did softness

Or her brief

Caress, a whisper

Of her touch caught my

Hand as she floated

By, would I see her

Again? this moment

Had arrived with

Unanticipated swiftness

Yet I could question that

Tomorrow, I brushed rain

From my eyes, to walk on

The vehicle didn't stop

As I lay moments

Later silent, tranquil

All I could think of

Was blue,

Her eyes were

Ocean blue.

Copyright©2014 fabiancortez