Little Boat

The little boat sits silently,
On the never ending sea.
The water holds no ripples.
On it is only me.

Ahead there is only water,
to the left and right as well.
There are no other little boats
As far as I can tell.

I call out into misted air,
but there comes back no reply.
The fog it holds no answers there,
only an echoed cry.

I try looking back, to head home.
But behind is endless sea.
Can't go forwards or backwards
with no breeze to carry me.

I think I'd rather face ruthless tides
or tempests with roaring winds,
anything but this quietness
which these calm waters bring.

But we can't depend on water
to bring us back to our home.
Sometimes we've got to grab an oar.
And find our way,

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