0. Prologue



Mortals call him God, but really, he's just an over-demanding boss. I used to work for said workaholic, until he found out that I'd been meddling around right under his nose.

(It really wasn't that bad. I swear, I had the best of intentions back then, and I still do.)

I like to think that I am still a proud member of Sector B, First Contingent, seeing as my memories there are the only ones I remember. That which is not visible to the human eye isn't all that brilliant; in fact, it borders more on dangerous and scary. My job is patrol the borders of the Fields, keeping the rogues from wandering into the Contingents' Stronghold - or even worse, ending up on Earth. Souls aren't the only things running around there.

At least, that was my job.

The moment the ground attack was launched, I had no hope of ever redeeming myself, not while I was still in the Contingent.

Needless to say, I was kicked out of heaven. In order to correct my 'behaviour', I was banished to the land of mortals, cursed to a flightless life of painful mortality. I only ever went down here for the oceans, the trees and the mountains - things we never got to see in the perpetually dreary Fields; relegating a Contingent member to a life on Earth is akin to watching a fish out of water.

"Five lives," Ezekiel said. "That's all you need. Change the course of five lives, or all of you will end in death."

(I had technically died before, prior to this new life, but he said it with such utter seriousness that I shudder to think that there's a possibility of a second death.)

Five people? That didn't sound so bad, I thought.

Until I looked at their profiles. Definitely bad.

I felt the poison take hold. As my wings retracted into the muscles on my back, heat coursed through my veins, a sharp pain cutting through the worry of the moment. I watched, vision blurred, as the pearly white gates turned ash black and crumbled into dust before my eyes, and even though I knew it was an illusion, the reality that I'd been kicked out of the only home I ever knew finally sunk in.

And I fell.



A/N: Posted this up for a while now on my Wattpad account. :) I'll be busy with exams so updates will be sporadic till October/November, but I'm planning the story out in the meantime so do keep a look out for that.

This version of angels and heaven will definitely be very different from that of religion and folklore. It's a work of fiction. Most ideas and concepts and creatures are conjured up on whim, so don't be offended if it doesn't mesh with your ideas of what heaven and angels and other weird things are like. And yes, I'm aware the Silas is a male name. Heh.

Unlike most of my other stories, this one isn't driven by romance. It's still a character-driven story, but involves seven people instead of two, and focuses on them overcoming their inner demons. There's definitely still romance for our protagonist, but that isn't the main point of the story.